Audio Assault Deimos Amp Sim is FREE Until June 5


Audio Assault has made the Deimos boutique high-gain amp module free until June 5.

Deimos is a module for Audio Assault’s free Amp Locker sim solution. 

Amp Locker is a 64-bit only Windows, macOS, and Linux release for VST, VST3, AAX, and AU.

Audio Assault describes Deimos as “an original high-gain amplifier featuring two channels designed to deliver an array of powerful tones suited for metal.”

The modern channel provides a more aggressive tone, while the vintage channel delivers a mid-heavy punch.

Each channel has an individual control scheme, with both channels having their own Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble and Master parameters.

Modern has some additional room for customization via its Presence and Depth controls.

Audio Assault has also provided Aggro, React, and Color switches to allow users to modify how the amp sounds. These are located to the left of the two-channel control schemes. 

Audio Assault hosts six demos of Deimos on the product page, which showcase some brutal sounds. 

The amp module is clearly right at home for thrash, death metal and other genres on the heavier metal side. 

The demos don’t give much insight into how Deimos sounds on the rock and vintage side of things, however. 

The free version of Amp Locker features the Prestige 1950 British hot-rodded amp head, seven effects pedals and eleven cabs.

Audio Assault describes the latter as “3D cabs [that are]fully adjustable with 11 mics.”

As a result, if you download the free Deimos head, you can dive right in with Amp Locker and pair it with the included effects and cabs. 

Amp Locker is an all-in-one amp sim solution. Downloading the base version of Amp Locker is free, and then you can also buy additional amp heads, cabs and effects. 

The list price for Deimos is presumably $5, as all the other paid amp heads on the Amp Locker store are listed at $5. 

Most modules on the Amp Locker store also cost $5, including the cabs and effect packs. 

The only exception is three cab products, which vary in price from $4 to packs that cost up to $10. 

All the effects modules come in packs that feature three or four effects, while several of the cab modules are also in packs with up to six cabs included. 

Download: Deimos (FREE until June 5th – Amp Locker required)


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    • It’s also free on Boz’s own website, no code needed. I recommend getting it directly from Boz. 👍

      • The 1926 is free, but not the 1991. The names are so similar it’s easy to think you have this already. I did!

        • Bob, you beautiful S.o.B.! Thank you for correcting me on this or I’d have completely missed that!

          I’m off to snag the 1991 version right now! 🙂

          (My apologies for the incorrect info that I provided, everyone! Kindly ignore my original comment!)

      • I dont’ get L 1926 for free at Boz

        It says U$0 on the website, but when I put in the the basket it comes up as US$19 nevertheless ?

        • The weird thing is they now have a second site for the pianos. So 1991 is free on the new site, but 1926 is only free on the old site.

          Go to bozdigitallabs and search for the new york lite bundle. There you’ll be able to add 1926 to the cart for free. The serial will be on that site along with any other Boz stuff you own and the serial for the 1991 will be on bozmasterkeys.

          I guess Boz’ll sync up the two sites at some stage as they both use the same account info.

    • pretty cool. but everyone please be aware they require a phone number. just trying to save people that don’t wanna give their phone number some time.

      • I give me office number when those things arise. If they want to call to me in Norway, it is their dime ;-)

        Or why not just give a phony random number, would that be against the law ?

    • Michal Ochedowski


      Thanks a lot GERY ZENZ for sharing this gem. Also thank you BOB for clarifying the product names. I probably would’ve skipped this promo, if it wasn’t for your comment.

    • Nice! Thx. BTW, I only got the order confirmation e-mail and no serial up until now. Anyone else with the same issue? It’s been twelve hours.

  1. Fazertone released Neural Drumkit and there is a lite version. I haven’t tried it yet but I like Fazertone plugs, so:

    • Docent Novak


      In FL Studio 21 and Studio One 6 this plugin does not work. It generates some sounds, but you can’t hear anything.

  2. Minimal Audio Circuit sample pack is free for a limited time:

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