Abletunes Analog Drums is a FREE Virtual Drum Rack for Ableton Live


Abletunes released Analog Drums, a free virtual drum rack for Ableton Live. 

Analog Drums is an Ableton Live native release compatible with all editions of Ableton Live 11 or newer, including Intro, Standard and Suite.

Abletunes states, “Analog Drums sets a new standard for drum racks, delivering a complete analog-style drum machine experience right inside Ableton Live.”

The pack is labeled techno / electronic, which gives you an idea of the type of sounds to expect from the release. 

Analog Drums has eight drum tracks, each with 127 drum one-shots.

The included 1000+ analog drum one-shots are sourced from drum machines and analog synths such as the Roland Jupiter 4, Korg Mono/Poly, Yamaha CS30L, Roland SH-2, Vermona Mono Lancet ’15, Oberheim Xpander and Elektron Analog Rytm.

Analog Drums can instantly generate drum kits with the random button, which produces new drum kits or individual drum hits to help spark creativity. 

Each drum element has a range of modulation controls. These include FM and pitch modulation, volume envelopes, filter controls and a shaper.

These allow you to mod the samples and create unique variations. 

If you prefer to dive right in, just head to the 40+ drum kit snapshots, which are the pre-configured kits.

Abletunes states that the drum rack is an alternative to the “oversampled drum machines saturating the market” currently. 

The release is based on samples from vintage hardware synths and modern drum machines and “brings that quirkiness and character directly into Ableton Live.” 

Furthermore, Analog Drums offers a fusion of analogue drum samples and modulation capabilities, allowing users to quickly generate custom kits and original one-shots. 

The rack is intended to offer a flexible, creative approach that opens sound design possibilities. 

As Abletunes explains, “This is not your average drum rack filled with static samples — each drum cell is just a starting point that allows you to fine-tune and modulate each sound with intuitive macro controls.”

Abletunes hosts seven audio demos on the product page, demonstrating the stock kits, generated kits, and beats in several styles. 

The product page also features an Instagram introductory video, where a producer demonstrates the sounds and how Analog Drums operates in Ableton Live.

Download: Analog Drums (FREE – requires Ableton Live 11 or newer)


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