Soundly’s Shape It 10-band EQ is Now Available for Free Download


On Sunday, Soundly made its Shape It parametric EQ free for all Windows and macOS users.

Previously, Soundly’s flagship 10-band EQ was behind a subscription paywall, but now they’ve transitioned to freeware. 

Soundly decided to release Shape It as a standalone plugin due to popular demand. 

The Norwegian developer stated that the EQ’s “cuts and boosts are lightning-fast, making it a perfect fit for the fast-paced world of sound design.”

The EQ has ten bands and includes various presets, “including musical ones, allowing for quick adjustments or complete sound transformation.”

Soundly hosts a brief demo video on the product page, which demonstrates the main features of Shape It.

There is also a mix control for dialing back the level of the wet signal and a phase flip button for fixing phase issues. 

You can download the Windows and macOS installers from the product page via a convenient one-click process, with no personal information required. 

The Shape It EQ is available for Windows and VST3 and AAX, as well as for MacOS and VST3, AAX, and AU.

Overall it seems like a familiar approach to an all-rounder EQ, with a pretty good feature set given that you’re getting it completely for free. 

Like all Soundly tools, Shape It was created with sound design in mind, but it’s certainly not limited to that application, and it could be used to great effect for any project that needs an EQ. 

Shape It is not the only freebie Soundly has made available from its platform, as in April 2023, Soundly launched Place It as a standalone plugin. 

Place It allows you to “emulate the sound of a chosen speaker and place it in one of 40 different environments – all based on expertly recorded convolution impulse responses in true stereo.”

Place It is available for free download from the same Soundly Tools page as Shape It. 

Soundly markets its service as the complete sound effects platform. 

The service combines a large library of sound effects, cloud storage, voice designer, add-ons, editing and effects, as well as numerous other features. 

It’s designed to offer an integrated suite of products to make sound design quick and easy via a streamlined workflow. 

To access the platform, Soundly offers a free tier, daily tier ($10) and monthly tier ($15). 

Download: Shape It (FREE)


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  1. Pretty cool!
    Only issue is GUI elements are a bit small, but apart from that, it has nice feature out of the box

  2. Docent Novak


    Does anyone know if this equalizer is in any way better than Izotope Ozone 11 Equalizer, Melda MEqualizer, TB _Equalizer, or ZL Equalizer? I have them all and I don’t want to unnecessarily install another plugin that does exactly the same thing as the rest

    • Not really. But it’s nice and easy to use and you may prefer it over your stock eq, Melda MEqualizer, TB Equalizer, ReaEq or any other zero latency eq that you use. It’s even a little heavier on the CPU than the others. But, yes, it does exactly the same thing as the others. ZL Equalizer is a beast, BTW.

  3. I just dropped the start of a project I call Deployment Series Homage Line, which is me redoing many of the old SynthEdit projects and bringing them to VST3 and 4K active resampling.
    It’s just a 2 operator FM Synth for now.
    The DSP end is free, to use the GUI, a click back to my web site is required.
    It be greatly appreciated to get a feature here.
    This is a project I’ve always wanted to do, so hopefully I can finish it and add more to that list.

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