Get 53 IK Multimedia T-RackS Plugins for only $49.99 until June 30th!


IK Multimedia’s massive bundle T-RackS 5 MAX v2 sells for $49.99 (83% OFF) at Plugin Boutique. This deal lasts until June 30.

There have been many great sales on Plugin Boutique, and with the summer season, it’s safe to assume there will be more to come.

Currently, they are running an IK Multimedia sale which contains several IK Multimedia products that are heavily discounted. 

Today, we will look at, by far, the most heavily discounted item.

T-RackS 5 MAX v2 is a massive FX plugin bundle with a whopping 53 high-quality plugins.

And at $49.99, it is an absolute steal, being less than a dollar per plugin.

This bundle really has it all. From reverbs to channel strips, compressors, EQs, tape machine emulators, and more. It would be a great purchase, especially if you’re looking to get into mixing.

Most of these plugins are emulations of analog gear that help you achieve more natural sounding mixes. 

Due to the sheer amount of content in the bundle, we won’t cover all the plugins in this article, but we will highlight some. You can check out the full list on Plugin Boutique.

Reverbs include FAME Studio Reverb, The Farm Stone Room Studio Reverb, and the popular Sunset Sound Studio Reverb.

There are also several rack gear reverb emulators, such as the Classik Hall and Classik Plate.

Tons of compressors are included, such as the fully featured Comprexxor, Bus Compressor, and White 2A Leveling Amplifier.

You’ll also find many EQs, such as EQ 73, EQ PA, and the digital parametric EQual.

Another plugin type, which there’s plenty of, is tape machine emulators. You will find multiple emulations of TASCAM, TEAC, and Studer tape machines, which you have most likely heard on classic records.

3 multiband plugins are available, which give you a lot of dynamic control. Those include Quad Comp, Quad Lim, and Quad Image.

There are multiple channel strips as well such as ONE or White Channel. Some other effects that you’ll find are Tape Echo and the vintage-modelled T-RackS Leslie among many others.

The plugins in the T-RackS 5 MAX v2 bundle run on 64-bit macOS and Windows machines in VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX formats. However, T-RackS 5 can be used as its own standalone program, where you can run these plugins.

Download: T-RackS 5 MAX v2 ($49.99 until June 30)


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  1. SynthMaster is updated to v2.9.17 and KV331 Audio has announced an 83% Off Flash Sale: June 17-24 get SynthMaster Player and one free preset expansion bank is on sale for five bucks

  2. This is one heck of a sale here. Wish I had waited. I paid $79 for this bundle around xmas 2023 and thought that was a steal. Even that upgrade was cheaper than the Tracks 3 deluxe version I bought around 10 years ago. That EQ73 and EQ 81 EQ’s are perfect for removing unruly low end mud. Again, I’m noticing that I can usually get the sound I want quicker with the fixed frequency EQ’s. I’ll probably save the parametric EQ’s for the less troublesome mix tracks. Seems to me too that my master tracks are sounding better with fixed frequency EQ’s. I may not always know exactly how to get my sounds the way I want them. But if a fixed frequency EQ will get me there quicker. That’s what I’ll be using in my mixes and masters.

  3. This is insane! I only need 2 plugins to be up to “maxV2” (the vocal strip and farm stone room) and I’m tempted but boy am I jealous of anyone getting in on this deal who hasn’t yet got T-Racks. The Tascam/Teac plugs, Vari Mu, Fame reverb and the classic clipper are incredible. Awesome deal!

  4. Mark Lee Wilkins


    Guess that I should’ve waited before pulling the trigger on V2 over at Plugin Deals earlier in the months. lol

  5. T-Racks 5 is close to abandonware – it’s old, released late 2017 iirc and IMO you should check what you’ve already got in your stash before going for this because things have moved on a lot since this came out.

    On other forums there’s also talk about IK’s flog-it, pay-a-lot for the next generation (V6 in this case, it’s assumed, will be coming out soon) model. I’ve also had issues with their support with another product, which was a good price but it appears there’s not much interest in customers who buy their ‘done stock’ – the bugs I found were ridiculously apparent but there was and is no intention from IK to fix them. They’re basically locked-in flaws because they’ve abandoned it. It’s possible you won’t get much love from support if you buy this.

    Despite ^^ I initially nearly went for this until I realised A) I’ve got excellent alternatives of every plug-in on offer here, B) You don’t sell-off cheap like this without a marketing strategy and C) How many plug-ins does one actually need?! :)

    • this is version V2! Many plugins are much newer than 2017.
      Farm Stone, TEAC, TASCAM, Tape Machines, Leslie and so on

    • “A) I’ve got excellent alternatives of every plug-in on offer here,”

      No. IK’s tape simulator has no alternative and is one of the best, as evidenced by comparisons with UAD, Softube, Acusutica, etc. Although there may be personal bias in each, IK was rated the highest by volunteers in the evaluation that took that into account.

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    MeldaProduction is very consumer-friendly given that you receive every future update for free and if you buy one of their bundles you’ll receive any of the plugins that are added to that bundle in the future for free also.

    You can get an additional 20% off through MeldaProduction’s website (only if you haven’t bought anything through their website yet*) by using this Ref. Coupon before Checkout: MELDA11820040

    *It doesn’t matter whether you’ve already registered something that you’ve bought through a retailer!

  7. Doran Fixes Everything


    I’m a big fan of IK, which are insanely underrated. If you like vintage music production and need mastering/mixing tools, GET THIS. It’s a fantastic deal, offering 99% of the tools you need. I regularly use EQUAL, Stealth Limiter, Bus Comp, Classic Clipper, One, and Classic Comp. IK treats customers well: I got the Studio Max upgrade for 200 euros in a group buy and receive great upgrade prices and cashback ever since. IK’s model doesn’t push constant updates or upsells, which I prefer. T-Racks 5 stays true to its roots and is still great!

    • Yeah their plugins are great. But the problem is their installation, especially with t racks. They make us install all of trial plugins , and everytime, i have to delete them manually.

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