Flandersh Tech Releases FREE Dynamension Creative Compressor for Windows


Last week, Flandersh Tech released the free Dynamension Creative Dynamic Processor plugin for Windows. 

Like all plugins from the developer, Dynamension is available exclusively as a VST3, 64-bit release. 

Flandersh Tech explains that Dynamension breaks up the ordinary structure of compressors and expanders, making it possible “to feed the main path, sidechain and gain control with creative effects.”

The developer continues, saying, “If you have dreamed about controlling the delay time with the momentary loudness of your track or just want some instrument compression or a gentle hard-knee limiter, Dynamension is for you.”

There is no official demo showing Dynamension in action at the moment, although there is already a user demo on YouTube if you want to hear it before committing to the installation. 

The plugin features a compressor, gate, expander, and a dynamic EQ and delay.

Also included are types of loudness detection: peak, RMS, and momentary. Dynamension also sports a modular main path and a handy side-chain feature.

Other inclusions are a hard-knee limiter, a mid/side processing mode, and a preset selector. 

Due to how the different sections of the processor are set up and how the effects are integrated, the plugin offers a point of difference that could be used to spark some creativity in your productions. 

The setup files for the plugin can be accessed via a single click from the product page. It’s also worth noting that ​Windows 8.1 or newer is required to run the plugin. Unfortunately, Dynamension doesn’t run on macOS.

Dynamension is the 11th plugin release from Flandersh Tech, all of which are available for free download from the developer’s website. 

The developer notes that if you like the plugins, you may wish to make an optional donation via the donate link on each product page. 

The release of Dynamension comes on the heels of the Substitute Modular synth, which Flandersh Tech released in March 2024. 

Flandersh Tech is a one-person operation, and most of their output so far has been synthesizer plugins.

So far, the developer has released six synthesizers: the Substitute Modular, Stepocea, Tonetta Blue, Substitute, Movementron, and Playmate.

The other releases from Flandersh Tech are the Scorpion Multitap Delay, G57FX Module-based Effect Unit, GFilter Advanced Filter and Uraleq Advanced Multiband Processor.

Download: Dynamension (FREE)


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  1. Creatools Piano XS is a free VST3 for Windows. It features 2 acoustic grand piano models, over 80 factory presets, and a new user interface design.

  2. Thanks, Steve. Flandersh Tech puts out some decent plugins. I’ll definitely give this one a try. 👍

  3. From the dev who brought back The Kiss of Shame tape plugin, Krunch is a combination low-pass filter and saturation plug-in. It’s based on the 1€ Filter, an adaptive filter designed to balance jitter and lag in noisy input for interactive systems. When applied to audio, this filter dynamically adds harmonics in an interesting way.


    Mac and Windows binaries are available in the Releases section. Linux users will need to build from source.

  4. Waveform 13 and Reaper 7.17 have a problem with this plugin…All other plugins from Flandersh Tech work fine on System.

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