SaschArt Drops Free Lightweight eChorus Plugin


SaschArt dropped the free eChorus plugin, a lightweight Windows and macOS-compatible release. 

Like all of the developer’s plugins, eChorus is designed with ease of use at the forefront.

SaschArt explains, “Whether working on a subtle background effect or a lead part, eChorus offers an amazing sound every time.”

The developer continues, saying “This with a low record consumption of resources: CPU, RAM and HDD!”

The plugin features the following parameters: Delay, Feedback, Rate, Chorus Time, Depth, Wet and Dry. 

Those seven parameters comprise the entire control scheme, so if you like no-frills designs, eChorus will be right up your alley. 

SaschArt states that the Rate control enables you to alter the speed of the modulation to “craft everything from subtle shifts to intense, warbling effects.”

The Depth control, meanwhile, can vary the intensity of the chorus, from “gentle shimmers to deep, swirling textures.”

The developer states that the plugin is “Perfect for guitars, vocals, synths, and more, eChorus adapts to any genre or style.”

The control scheme is designed to be simple and intuitive while also having enough depth to shape your sound precisely. 

The plugin is available for Windows (32 and 64-bit) in VST2 and VST3, as well as for macOS in VST2, VST3, and AU. 

You’ll need to create a free account on the SaschArt website to access the eChorus download, which requires only an email address and password to set up. 

There don’t seem to be any audio demos online for the eChorus currently, either official or otherwise. 

SaschArt is run by a team of three, which is made up of a C++ programmer, a graphic artist and musician and sound engineer EmRysRa. 

Choosing to engage a graphic artist in the development process was a good call, as the eChorus definitely has a more pleasing and easy-to-grasp interface than most indie plugin releases. 

The developer has made eChorus completely free to use. If you wish to support the team, you can do so via the donate link on the product page. 

SaschArt has an impressively broad inventory of plugins.

On its website, the developer offers no fewer than seven limiters, seven delays, six distortions, five stereo plugins, four filters, four samplers, and eleven therapy releases.

Many of the plugins are available for free, although some are paid releases.

Download: eChorus (FREE)


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  1. I tested the plugin because it has an attractive interface and I don’t regret it. The sound quality is impressive; for me, it sounds excellent on the track with high-frequency settings, give me an amazing punch. I noticed there isn’t any video made for it, so I will take advantage of this and make one myself.

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  3. I cant even get signed up into there site every browser i use i get the same rubbish bad request does anyone know how to fix this please thanks as i cant even get in to download anything

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