Sinuslabs Releases FREE Bandbreite Tape Saturation Plugin


Sinuslabs released Bandbreite – Free Tape, a freeware saturation plugin that can “add warm, analog character to your drums, basses, and 808s.”

The open-source plugin is available for VST3 and AU formats for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

As Sinuslabs explains, this free plugin delivers the goods, ranging “from subtle warmth to slamming saturation.”

Bandbreite is available in a ‘name a fair price’ model, and you can enter $0 and still download the plugin. 

Sinuslabs has kept the process nice and simple, as the only personal information required to complete the checkout is an email address.

Bandbreite is available for the following operating systems (or newer): Windows 7, macOS 10.9, and Linux Ubuntu 20.04.

The main control panel for Bandbreite features the following dials: Tube, Tape, and Sweeten.

Above the dials, there is a second layer of controls listed in percentages: Dust, Flutter, Slam, Low, and High. 

There is also a light and dark mode toggle, which is always a handy inclusion.

On the topic of visuals, Bandbreite has a great visual design for a free indie release, so props to Sinuslabs for that one. 

Perhaps the second layer of smaller controls could have been given a bit more space on the interface, though, as there’s quite a bit of empty space that they could have expanded into. 

There is no official audio demo of Bandbreite available on YouTube at present, although there’s already quite a nice user audio demo on the platform that displays how the plugin sounds at various settings. 

Sinuslabs was founded by Berlin-based developer Oskar Schachtschneider, who “after years of working at Native Instruments… decided to create his own studio, focusing on high-quality software that matters.”

Schachtschneider worked for Native Instruments as a software engineer for two years starting in July 2020 and then formed Sinuslabs in August 2022.

In addition to making the Sinuslabs plugins available for free download, Schachtschneider has also released them as open-source repositories on GitHub

Bandbreite is the second full plugin release from Sinuslabs, as the developer has also previously released Reach, a “handcrafted reverb with the psychedelic edge.”

On (but not the Sinuslabs Gumroad), Reach is currently available at 50% off for 25€. There is also a free demo available of the plugin.

Download: Bandbreite – Free Tape (FREE / Name your price – email required)


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  1. get waves metafilter for free at kvr until july 8th

  2. Steve, thank you very much! It’s a very handful instrument for making sound softer! Just decreasing the amount of highs for 2-3% gives a subtle but solid effect. And without accounts, licenses and other difficulties))

  3. Plugin Boutique’s monthly gifts with purchases have been updated to Frostbite 2 by AudioThing, and EQuivocate by Newfangled Audio!

  4. Thanks Steve, BPB & Sinuslabs, i really like this plugin, been trying it out and can use this, much appreciated 💛

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