AIR Legends Pack Is $9.99 (94% OFF) On Plugin Boutique


Plugin Boutique’s summer deals continue, and today, we will look into a great discounted bundle with some old but still quite useful instruments.

AIR Legends Pack from AIR Music Tech is currently on sale on Plugin Boutique for the low price of $9.99 until July 5. That is a whopping 94% off.

The bundle includes 3 classic instrument plugins from AIR Music Tech. These instruments are fairly old but still sound great and can be a great addition to your music production arsenal.

If you’ve heard about one plugin from this bundle, it is most likely Xpand!2, an absolute classic in the digital music production world.

Xpand!2 is a “powerhouse synth containing over 2500 presets covering every imaginable sound”. And that is not an overstatement. It really does offer pretty much any sound you’d want, in a user-friendly package.

You’ve got anything from pads, ambiances, and sound FX to big leads, organs, pianos, basses, and even percussion and loops. 

The sounds are organized into categories, which makes the browser much easier to navigate. You can layer up to 4 patches and dial in macros, FX, and some general settings for each.

Xpand!2 is a great tool to have in your back pocket if you ever need a sound but don’t want to buy its own dedicated instrument or plugin. Just find what you need in the patches, and off you go.

Next up is DB-33 which is “an authentic recreation of the classic tonewheel organ”. The sound we all know and love from pop and classic rock. 

You’ll have most likely heard the sounds of the tonewheel organ in bands like Deep Purple and The Doors. And DB-33 sounds great as an emulation of that classic organ sound.

And lastly, the bundle includes Vacuum Vintage, an instrument that emulates classic valve-based analog synths.

It is a powerful synthesizer that was originally a plugin exclusive to Pro Tools, but over time got developed into an AU/VST2 plugin as well.

With its 2 oscillators, 2 LFOs, 2 envelopes, full mod wheel control, a number of effects, and an arpeggiator, Vacuum Vintage gives you a lot of control over crafting your synth sounds.

The plugins in AIR Legends Pack run on 64-bit Windows and macOS machines in VST2 and AU formats.

However, beware that “Full Apple silicon (M1) support is not available, but the VST plugin may be compatible with some DAWs if run using Rosetta”.

Download: AIR Legends Pack ($9.99 until July 5)


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Soroosh is a composer, guitarist, and music producer based in Canada. His music ranges from aggressive metal, to cinematic music, to ambient soundscapes.


  1. These Air bundles have been on sale several times in recent months and they are excellent value for money.
    I already owned XPand!2, and I bought the Essential Synths Pack (Loom II, Vacuum Pro and The Riser) and the Power Pack (Hybryd 3, Velvet 2 and Mini Grand) as well, for 10 bucks per pack. Highly reccommended.

  2. Martinic AX Chorus free until July 8. The discount code is in the video description (click the text “Celebrate…”):

  3. Vacuum is decent, but xpand2 is literally one of the worst sounding synths on the market – the quality of the included samples ranges from mediocre to poor at best…

    • I think you’re expecting this to be something it’s not. It’s a workstation synth/rompler that’s almost 15 years old at this point (on sale for around $3 no less). People still seek out old sample based synths like the M1 and Triton and the plugin equivalent costs anywhere from 100-250 dollars even though by today’s standards the quality of the samples are not on par.

      It’s obviously not going to be the replacement for Diva or Serum or Omnisphere, but a lot of people have use for and even like that old rompler sound. It is a very inexpensive synth with a short learning curve and a ton of useful presets.

      • I picked it up years ago and for a few bucks on one these specials, so I didn’t have particularly high expectations given the price, and even then I was still disappointed by the overall quality of the sound compared to most free romplers, etc.

        To be fair, there are some good sounds included, but most are substandard – to the extent that they’re unusable as main or lead instruments/elements (for me at least – I mostly create trance and cinematic stuff).

        Agreed, for those after that old rompler sound, its probably more useful. But still, its far from a “great” or a “powerhouse” synth…

    • Xpand!2 is aimed at people who just want a synth with lots of presets. Hybrid 3 is a far better synth.
      I really like Vacuum Pro, it has a very beautiful analog sound. Loom II is a strange beast, very different, I’m still struggling with it.

        • Hybrid is more complex than you think. It’s a hybrid synth, as the name suggests. It has both analogue and wavetable generators. It cannot be compared to Xpand, I agree with that.

      • Yeah, Vacuum does have a really nice analog sound, I like it. I have all 3 (xpand2, Hybrid, and Vacuum). Hybrid is not bad, but also a bit underwhelming – there are plenty of freeware synths that sound as good or better imo, so I wouldn’t buy it again

    • Some people still like to use sounds from old SNES games to making music,I think this is not disadvantage.Beside it’s not that bad in my opinion.

  4. I hope Air Music Tech can do something to make their proudcts better.Like DrumSynth release on 2023 but without multi outputs and still 1.0 now ,which is nonsense.Is this company still alive?

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