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bpb Freeware Studio: Best Free Granulator VST/AU Plugins

This one took quite a bit of research, but I guess it’s finally ready for publishing (phew!). So, the latest edition of bpb Freeware Studio features a list of the best free granulator VST/AU plugins for Windows and Mac.

The list is split into two parts, where the extended list adds some less conventional granulizer plugins which I think are still pretty awesome. Also, please note that this article features only effects – I’ll be dealing with granular synthesizers soon.

Follow the links for screenshots & download info:

  • Argotlunar 2 by Michael Ourednik (Linux, Mac, Windows)
  • Fragmental by ndc Plugs (Windows)
  • GGrain by GVST (Windows)
  • Grain Freeze by Oli Larkin (Windows)
  • GrainMaker by ToneCarver (Windows)
  • Granulator by Riccardo Sinigaglia (Windows)
  • grANALiser by Morfiki (Windows)
  • Hadron by Partikkel Audio (Mac, Windows)
  • KTGranulator by Koen@Smartelectronix (Mac, Windows)
  • Pudding by Tweakbench (Windows)
  • sg-grainfed by synthgeek (Windows)
  • Smear by ++Audio (Mac, Windows)

Extended List: +bubbler, dblue_StretchMuchacha, organik 2 fx, particlecloud, Pseudograins, relofter, sideslip, stwETCH.

Argotlunar 2 and KTGranulator are my two favorite free granulator effects. Both plugins allow lots of control over the grains and are incredibly fun to experiment with. However, Argotlunar has been dissapearing from the web from time to time, so here’s an alternative link in case it goes down again.

KTGranulator by Koen@Smartelectronix.

KTGranulator by Koen@Smartelectronix.

UPDATE: KTGranulator is now a commercial plugin called SaltyGrain. You can purchase it for $69 via SampleSumo. The free version is (sadly) not available anymore. Thanks to our readers bmovie and Ken Downey for the report!

grANALiser is a great free granulator by Morfiki. The version pictured below is called grANALiser 4 Kids. In the normal version, the robot is scratching the blonde girl’s back.

grANALiser 4 Kids by Morfiki.

grANALiser 4 Kids by Morfiki.

Smear is a somewhat different kind of granulator effect. It creates four randomly sized grains from the input signal, which are then further manipulated by the user. It’s also possible to feed the granulated signal back into the buffer. Neat!

Smear by ++Audio.

Smear by ++Audio.

Finally, if you’re still wondering what the hell these weird granulator things are, check out this nifty video introduction by How To Make Electronic Music:

And that’s all for today. What’s your favorite granulator VST? Any cool uses for a granulator plugin you’d like to share? Have I missed listing a great plugin? Leave it all in the comments section. Thanks for reading BPB!

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  1. Shame KTGranulator isn’t around anymore, managed to get it on my desktop computer before all the links to it went bust.

    • Yeah, it’s called saltygrain now. You can buy it @ samplesumo for 69 euros, about 90 dollars. I personally do not agree with this change at all. Payware to freeware is good for business but freeware to payware just seems like a stupid idea.

  2. Argotlunar 2 is definitely the best one here, especially since KTGranuator had gone payware and now it’s called SaltyGrain.

  3. KT granulator is now called salty grains, and is no longer free. there is a powerful one called Hadrin, but as I’m blind I can’t use it. Thanks for all these wonderful blogs!

    • Bedroom Producers Blog on

      Hi Ken, thanks for the tips! I’ve updated the article following your suggestions. Hadron has been added to the list. Thanks for the support and for reading BPB!

  4. If anyone is looking for KTGranulator or Argotlunar, the Internet Archive is your friend ;) Same goes for many other VST plug-ins that have disappeared.

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