Venom VB-303 VSTi (Beta) – A Freeware Acid Spitting Synth!



Freeware goodness in sight! Behold the Venom VB-303, a software synthesizer inspired by the famous Roland TB-303 bass synth. This plugin, currently being developed by the KVR Forum member antto,  follows the sequencer based workflow of Roland’s silver synth, so don’t expect anything else than working with patterns here. And that’s exactly the way it should be, old school for the win. Besides that, it is amazing that a plugin which sounds and looks so good can be released as freeware!

Keep in mind that the software is still released as Beta, and that the developer suggests you don’t use it in any important projects before the final version comes out, because it won’t be compatible with the current release. For the same reasons, I won’t review the plugin just yet, this article is just a heads up for everyone to be aware of the beast that’s coming their way.

Venom VB-303 by antto.

Venom VB-303 by antto.

Make sure you read the manual before using the plugin, so that you get familiar with the way it’s supposed to be used. Not that the workflow is complicated or anything, but it’s pattern based and probably not everyone will find it self-explanatory. Also, don’t forget to protect your face before testing the plugin. It will easily attract you with it’s gorgeus looks and then suddenly start spitting the very devil’s acid venom all over your studio. Word.

Video Demo

Check out the Venom VB-303 video demo by Atomsphere22:


Download & Info (official KVR thread): click here
Docs/Manual (by xybre): click here

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      heh ;]
      unfortunately, it seems that the dev stopped working on this plugin. but even if it remains unfinished it’s still a great tool, i love using it!

    • bedroomproducers


      that’s great news! i haven’t seen any news about it for a while, so i figured it’s not being developed anymore. can we see some more info about the current progress somewhere or is it top secret? :]

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