Mellotrons And Harpsichords (Free Samples)


This week’s edition of Free Sample Shootout will be a rather short one, but also a very sweet one, because it includes links to free samples of two very rare instruments.

Part 1: Free Mellotron Samples

The first sampler instrument ever made. Instead of using zeroes and ones to save sound data, it used tapes, with all the sweet warmth and tiny imperfections they bring to a sound.

  • The Taijiguy Mellotron by Real Music Media – Multisamples of a 30 year old Mellotron M400S. They were recorded with the Mellotron’s tone control turned fully clockwise, providing the whole frequency spectrum of the instrument and allowing us to cut off the top end according to our own taste and needs. SFZ mappings included!
  • MELLOTRON Premier by Premier Sound Factory – A free collection of Mellotron M400S sounds featuring strings, flute, choir and brass samples.
  • J. P. Hovercraft’s Mellotron – These come without any mappings, but you can easily import them into your favorite sampler and start playing. (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Part 2: Free Harpsichord Samples

Haprischords aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, for sure. But for those of us who love the sound of this instrument, the free samples below are a blessing.

  • The Small Italian by Sonimusicae – These sounds were captured from a XVII century no-name italian harpsichord. Kontakt 2 and soundfont downloads available.
  • The Blanchet 1720 by Sonimusicae – A sound bank captured from a XVIII century Blanchet harpsichord. Again, Kontakt 2 and soundfont formats are available, but be aware that thecharacteristic note-off sounds are not available if you use the soundfont version.
  • RMI Rocksichord by Soniccouture – As a contrast to the previous two, we have an electric harpischord here, built in the 60s. I love playing it and if you’re also into cheesy sounding keys, you will most probably love this one too! Available in Kontakt format, although not compatible with the free Kontakt Player.

That’s all for today’s very short Free Sample Shootout. Check out the previous Free Samples Shootouts if you haven’t had a chance before, comment, subscribe, and enjoy making music with these samples!

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  1. Neil Paddock


    BPB is now my go to place for Acoustic Drum, Drum Machine and General Instrument samples. It’s worth mentioning that Artifake Labs have made several FREE Mellotron VSTs called Redtron and at least one of the versions (Redtron 400) uses the Tajiguy samples. It’s worth checking out for the layered presets, like the spooky Keef’s Purple Forest! By the way, the Harpsichord samples are great! Thanks for providing an excellent resource.

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