Win A Free CCCP Eurorack Hardware Oscillator Module By Din Sync!


The chances of winning this contest are pretty slim, but the prize is just so cool that I’ll have to give it a shot anyway. Din Sync (an indie company manufacturing hardware synth modules) are giving away a CCCP Eurorack module for their 1st birthday.

CCCP module by Din Sync.

CCCP module by Din Sync.

All you have to do for a chance to win this sweet piece of kit is to follow Din Sync blog (by clicking the follow blog widget on the right side of the main page) and leave a comment containing your initials in the comments section of the competition page.

There are no geographic limitations either, which means anyone in the world can have a shot at winning the prize.

The Din Sync blog is one year old and so to celebrate I figured I’d run a little competition. The prize is a CCCP eurorack module, this module is technically the same as the OSC303 module but with a change of three components.

2SK30AO was replaced with 2SK30AY
AN6562 was replaced with LM358
2SC1583 was replaced with our secret recipe ;)

Essentially it sounds identical to the OSC303, in fact I’ll be doing some blind tests in the future so you can really see (or hear) that there’s no discernable difference in tone. CCCP is not yet available to buy, so the winner will have a pretty exclusive module of which currently there are only three in existance. So how do you get your hands on this? Simple, all you have to do is follow the blog (to do that see the follow section on the right pane) and post the initials of your real name as a reply to this post. This is to discourage multiple entries since if you win and your name does not match your initials you’ll be disqualifed. The competition will run until the end of the month and all the names will go into a hat. One lucky winner will be selected at random and announced on 1st march.

Here’s a short demo video showing another Din Sync oscillator module in action (watch the whole clip to see the modules):


Perhaps not all of you will be thrilled about this as much as I am, but I’ve always dreamt of owning a real analog modular synth and this could be a great first step towards actually having one. ^^

Good luck with the competition!


Enter The CCCP Module Competition: click here
Din Sync Blog: click here

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