Free Virus TI Vs Ensoniq DP/4 Sample Pack By Plughugger


Plughugger has released Virus TI vs Ensoniq DP/4, a free sample pack of processed loops and bass samples from the Virus TI synthesizer.

The pack contains 32 loops in 128 BPM and 6 (actually 7) square/saw bass sounds recorded at low C.

Hey all sampleheads! Here’s a small sample package that might get your creative juices flowing.

All sounds processed by the insanely crazy Ensoniq DP/4 parallel effects processor. A bit of a warning though – the sounds are not generally what people expect when they think of the Virus. The sounds created are partly influenced by the truly genial Mark Bell/LFO album Stealth – so be prepared for some seriously wonky electronic sounds.

Virus TI vs Ensoniq DP/4 is available for free  download on the Plughugger Facebook page (click Like and click on the Exclusive material tab).

Video Demo

Check out the Virus TI vs Ensoniq DP/4 demo video:


Download Free Virus TI Samples: click here
Plughugger Website: click here

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