bpb Freeware Studio: Best Free Vocoder VST/AU Plugins For Windows And Mac


bpb Freeware Studio: Best Free Vocoder VST/AU Plugins For Windows And MacDaft Punk fans all around the world, this one’s for you! A brand new edition of bpb Freeware Studio, featuring the best free vocoder VST and AU plugins for Windows and Mac.

Follow the links for screenshots & download info:

TAL-Vocoder is my favorite vocoder from the above list. It’s very easy to setup, features a great sounding synth engine (no need to connect it to another VSTi) and is available both for Windows and Mac. A little video preview of TAL-Vocoder (by Gearwire) is embedded below in this article.

My next favorite is Arguru’s Voyager. It’s basically a full-on software synthesizer, but it also features a vocoder module which actually sounds very, very good! This synth may be a bit tricky to use for non-experienced users, but trust me it’s worth the effort. If you don’t like the default GUI, check out the alternative skin for Voyager by flavours of lime.

mda’s Talkbox and Vocoder sound pretty good, even though they’re rather old vocoder plugins. Like all mda freeware, they still have their place in many people’s software studios. Try connecting mda Talkbox to a guitar source rather than a synth, and have some instant talkbox fun! Ok, it won’t really sound like a proper talkbox, but it’s still fun.

VocoveeTolcbocs and PiF Vocoder are also very good vocoder VSTs, although I don’t really use them too often. But I like having alternatives so I keep these three installed – sometimes you have to try different plugins before you get the right sound.

Syncoder 32 by EFM Synths.

Syncoder 32 by EFM Synths.

Finally, there’s Syncoder 32 which is different than all the other vocoders on this list, since it can’t be used to vocode real-time signals. Instead, the user should load a prerecorded audio file, and then use it as a trigger for the vocoder engine – an interesting concept which actually works really well in certain situations.

Thanks for reading and please leave your own suggestions in the comments section below, in case I’ve missed a good free vocoder plugin!

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    • Oh yessss!!! I love this vocoder provided with an old Cubase version, thanks for the share ;)
      Now I work with Ableton Live, I will try to use this plugin into Ableton, I don’t know why it should not run!? VST is a standard no?

  1. I really appreciate this, the TAL is a great plug-in. But in learning from the video you called the pulse width modulator a pitch mod, and that kind of makes me nervous to assume that the method you provided would be the best. Either way I’m trying it out! thanks!