FBVC Free Vocoder VST Plugin Released By Full Bucket Music


Full Bucket Music has introduced FBVC, a freeware vocoder effect in VST and AU plugin formats for digital audio workstation software on PC and Mac.

FBVC is a free vocoder plugin based on the vintage Korg VC-10 analog vocoder. The hardware unit was launched in 1978 and became one of the most popular vocoders on the market thanks to being easy to use and relatively affordable. It offered 32-note polyphony, 20 analysis bands, a unique accent bend control for a more human-like sound, and a built-in ensemble effect.

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The plugin version of Korg VC-10 emulates both the sound character and the feature set of the original hardware while introducing a couple of improvements. FBVC also features 20 analysis bands, but the user can freely adjust their filter cutoff, volume level, and modulation properties. This can be done from the control panel, which is pictured below. FBVC also increase the polyphony to 64 notes, introduces a vibrato effect, features double precision audio processing, and supports WAV file playback instead of using the microphone input as the modulator signal.

Despite having the optional advanced features, FBVC is very easy to use. The plugin features an internal carrier signal, so the user simply needs to plug in a microphone and play some MIDI notes to get a vocoder sound. It is even easier to load a WAV file and use FBVC as an instant vocoder instrument.

FBVC's advanced control panel.

FBVC’s advanced control panel.

Full Bucket Music has already released numerous emulations of vintage Korg instruments. Some of our favorites are the Korg PS-3200 synthesizer and the Nabla string machine, which is based on Korg Delta. Their plugins are very CPU-friendly and sound fantastic. Full Bucket Music’s ModulAir modular synthesizer is one of the top picks in our article about free synthesizer VST plugins.

FBVC can be downloaded entirely free of charge from the product page linked below. No registration required. It comes in a ZIP archive that contains the plugin files. To install the software, extract the archive and place the plugin file in your VST or AU plugin folder.

More info: FBVC (2.28 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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  1. oh man, this does NOT play nice with openMPT. the moment i try to touch the keyboard the audio level goes absolutely feral and then the whole daw crashes.

    looks like i’m not getting to use this one quite yet.

  2. Thicker edge-paneling, please! Makes the sound rezzzonate more! :D
    (Ok, fine, I’m stuck in the 70s. Those glorious wooden side-paneled 70s…)

    Again, FullBucket FTW! Can’t wait to try it!

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