American Vintage D Free For One Week!

American Vintage D by IK Multimedia.

American Vintage D by IK Multimedia.

IK Multimedia has announced that the American Vintage D guitar amp sim will be available for free in the AmpliTube Custom Shop until September 30th, 2011.

IK Multimedia is proud to offer AmpliTube Custom Shop users the American Vintage D amp, based on the Fender Dual Showman, free until September 30th, 2011. When you register and authorize the new AmpliTube Custom Shop desktop application (it’s free, by the way), we’ll give you the Jimi Hendrix Fender Dual Showman model amp he used in the studio and on the 1968 Experience Tour. Why are we doing this? Because you’ll love it. You’ll love the whole experience… the freedom from having to buy packages of software you don’t need. And you’ll love the tones you get.

The AmpliTube Custom Shop is our new platform that allows you to build your virtual guitar rig one piece at a time, as you need it. You get the basic structure for FREE, which includes a tuner, 2 pedal boards, 2 amp head slots, 2 cabinet/mic/room slots and 2 rack effect slots. Plus, you get 24 pieces of gear in the basic package, plus your free Fender Dual Showman amp model for the next 7 days only.

American Vintage D is currently available for free download in the AmpliTube Custom Shop (more info here).


Get American Vintage D: click here
IK Multimedia Online: click here

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  1. J dilla & Kev Brown kit


    A friend of mine linked me to this page… Just wanted to say thanks for offering the plugin free… It’s really aided in a few of my sound designing projects

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