Free Roland MC-202 Kick Drum Sample Pack By Robotik Audio


Robotik Audio has released a set of free kick drum samples recorded from the Roland MC-202 MicroComposer analog synthesizer.

The Roland MC-202 is capable – just like any other (monophonic) synth – of creating some very powerful kicks. Zeroing the oscillators using only a low freguency sine, resonance, envelope, ultra short attack, different decays and very little sustain and release. I’ve created my own little sample kit from it. The kit contains 26 dry WAV samples of the MC-202 with no normalizing or any eq’ing. Personally I really like the sound it produces so here you go. :)

The samples are available for free download via Robotik Audio.


Download Free Roland MC-202 Samples: click here
Robotik Audio Online: click here

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