More Free Christmas Goodies For You!


More Free Christmas Goodies For You!

The previous edition of BPB Freebie Sunday was supposed to be the last one in 2014, but there have been SO MANY freebie releases this week that I had to group them all in another round-up article. So, here it is!

Please keep in mind that most of the freebies listed below are limited time offers. Most of these will expire on December 31st (some even sooner than that), so be quick and grab them while you can!

  • Christmas gift from WOK – Send a Christmas greeting to WOK (more info at the linked page) and receive a free VST plugin via email! WOK is traditionally giving away one of his products for free during the holidays. However, he has also announced that he has some big news stored for us at the start of 2015 and some of us are afraid that he will be announcing his retirement from plugin development. I sincerely hope that this is not the case. Either way, be SUPER QUICK if you want to grab this freebie because the offer expires today (December 26th)!
  • Transistor is a free saturation effect in VST, RTAS and AU formats for Windows and Mac, developed by HoRNet Audio. To download the plugin for free, you’ll need to re-tweet their original tweet (I’ve linked to it at the beginning of this paragraph) and send them a message through their contact form. This is also a time-limited offer, although I’m not sure when it will expire.
  • Christmas Bells is the latest free Ableton Live rack by AfroDJMac. He is also offering a 50% discount on all of his products! Simply use the coupon code “half” to apply the discount to any purchase in his online store.
  • Spitfire Audio is giving away three sound libraries until December 31st, 2014. Sign-up for a free user account account and visit the Labs section on their website, which is where the freebies will be waiting for you. They are also running a charity initiative, which is thoroughly explained on their website if you want to join in. It’s an awesome concept, so definitely check it out!
  • Yamaha DD-5 Reboot is a free drum sample pack by Neil Paddock! Neil has been creating some fantastic content lately (including the free ESQ-1 Re-Boot sample library) and his latest free offering is definitely worth a grab if you’re a fan of unusual drum instruments. The samples are provided in WAV format, but you’ll also find free SFZ patches for more convenient use in various virtual instruments which support this format.
  • SEISM is a free sample library released by Glitchmachines. It contains a collection of 160 futuristic sound effects created by Nicholas Yochum. This sample library is just insanely good, do not miss this one!
  • Collaboration is a free Diversion sound bank crafted by various sound designers. It features a range of free presets crafted by Irion Da Ronin, Aiyn Zahev, Frank Neumann, Rob Mitchell, George Zondag, Rob Lee and WeatherM.
  • GEMINI is a twin delay effect for NI Reaktor, crafted by Bryan Lake (whom I’ve recently interviewed on 99Sounds).
  • Clone Tonic is another interesting NI Reaktor freebie, brilliantly mimicking the famous Micro Tonic software drum machine.
  • MicroDrum is a free Max for Live device by Robert Henke.
  • Sample Magic is giving away four free sound packs until December 31st, 2014. Grab them here, here, here and here. For the most convenient way to download these, add them all to your shopping cart first and then create a user account and continue to free checkout.
  • OTT Compressor by Steve Duda has been updated. It’s a free plug-in which mimics a popular preset from Ableton Live’s built-in multi-band compressor effect. It’s often used by EDM producers to get that over exaggerated bass sound.
  • Hand Chimes virtual instrument by Versilian Studios can be downloaded for free until December 27th, 2014. It’s a nice little chimes sound library which is also available as a VST/AU plugin for Windows and Mac OS.
  • Easy Toolz are offering a free VSTi plugin to everyone who finds the hidden Santa on their website! :)
  • Oxide Kits Volume One can be downloaded for free if you use the coupon code “FREE2014” at checkout until December 31st, 2014!

So yeah, we’ve had A LOT of new freebies this week. Enjoy the free goodies and come back tomorrow for the EPIC final article of 2014!

Happy holidays and thanks for reading BPB!


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