BPB Freebie Sunday Xmas Edition – Free Sleigh Bells, Christmas Beer Bottles & More!


BPB Freebie Sunday Xmas Edition

Next week on BPB will be very special. The holidays are right around the corner and I’ve prepared some really cool stuff for you boys and girls for the end of the year. But before we get to that, here’s the last edition of BPB Freebie Sunday in 2014!

The freebies listed below haven’t been featured in the main news section because I’ve been super busy lately. This is probably the most epic edition of BPB Freebie Sunday so far, featuring some great samples and loops, various Ableton Live and Reaktor goodies and even a couple of free VST plugins. Enjoy!

  • Memory Collection Christmas 2014 is a special freebie by Zvon, featuring 192 samples recorded from an old Christmas movie that is in the public domain. The pack includes dialogue, music loops, foley sounds and various sound effects. The samples are provided in WAV format and they are not available in any other sample pack by Zvon.
  • Joshua Casper has released numerous free FX racks for Ableton Live users, along with tons of other useful goodies. He offers free Max for Live devices, NI Massive presets and even some free templates for Adobe After Effects. His website is a truly fantastic resource, definitely check it out if you use Ableton Live for music production or sound design!
  • Violin Freebie is a free violin sound library by Virharmonic. It is available for the free UVI Workstation, which you’ll need to install first in order to use this free sound library. The library contains pizzicato and spiccato articulations from a forthcoming commercial version of the product.
  • Jaws Harp Retuned is a free holiday gift from MODWHEEL. This is a temporary offer which will expire on December 31st, so be quick if you want to grab this one!
  • Dark Star 2 is a free Reaktor ensemble by Bryan Lake aka Sound Author. It is a unique semi-granular reverb effect with some interesting routing options.
  • Phase Invader is a free VST plugin by the legendary xoxos. It is a weird mix between a reverb and a delay effect, basically just the kind of tool which you can use to create some weird and unusual sounds.
  • Faraday Limiter is a free limiter in AU plugin format for Mac OS X. The plugin was developed by Goodhertz, with the goal of creating a colorful analog-modeled limiter effect. There’s no Windows version so I have no idea how it sounds, but I’m sure that the Mac crew will appreciate this one!
  • Music Box is a lovely music box instrument for NI Kontakt, released by Daniel Belik. It features two round robins per note, two different microphone positions and some natural noise of the music box mechanism. Most importantly, it sounds absolutely great!
  • Radio FM is a free NI Reaktor ensemble by Musicrow. If you want to create authentic FM radio sound effects in your DAW, this tool was made for you!
  • MGF Audio has released a bundle of four VST plugins a while ago. I haven’t managed to feature them on BPB previously, so I’ve decided to include them here. All four VST plugins are available for free download from the developer’s website.
  • Sleigh Bells Sounds is a free collection of sleigh bell loops by Soundtrack Loops. If you need more sounds like these, take a look at the free sleigh bells by Mihai Sorohan.
  • Xmas Beer Bottles is a free NI Kontakt instrument by AudioThing. And yes, the individual samples in WAV format are also included! The pack is normally priced at $5 but you can download it on a pay what you want basis during the holidays. You can still donate some money to the developer if you want!
  • Twisted Tools Holiday Gift contains 10 free drum kits and a free Lemur Template, crafted by the kind people at Twisted Tools. They have also launched a 30% OFF sale on all of their products!
  • Xenos Soundworks has relased a free mini pack of patches for the free OBXD synthesizer. It’s a really small patch collection, but Xenos is a great sound designer and getting anything for free from him is pretty awesome!
  • Jawn Fire Soundpack is the latest free sample pack by Kyle Mohr. This guy is on fire lately! I’ve never seen anyone release so many free samples in a few months time.

And that’s all for the last edition of BPB Freebie Sunday in 2014! Have fun using these freebies and stay tuned next week because I’ve prepared TONS of goodies for you! Thanks for reading BPB! :)

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