Download Over 10 GB Of Royalty Free Sounds From Sonniss


Sonniss has released GameAudioGDC Bundle, a completely free to download sound collection featuring over 10 GB of high quality royalty free sounds for video game development and other creative work.

The library was released on March 7th and it will remain a free download until April 2nd. Sonniss states that they’re giving away this sound collection in order to give back to the video game developers community, despite of not being able to join the GDC2015 conference this year. They are also running a huge game audio sale on their website at the moment, aka GameAudio Special.

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The free GameAudioGDC Bundle pack contains a total of 10.27 GB of royalty audio material, covering all sorts of sounds from weapon fire and crowd noises to outdoor atmospheres and all sorts of sound effects. The sounds included in the pack can be used free of charge and completely royalty free in your creative projects (check out the included license file for more info).

The quality of the included sounds is nothing short of amazing and you absolutely shouldn’t miss this opportunity if you’re a music producer, a sound designer, or if you work as an audio editor for video projects. This is probably the highest quality and most in-depth free sound library out there, so make sure that you download it while it’s still free.

Speaking of downloading, perhaps the easiest way to download this incredibly huge sound library is to use the official torrent file which is provided by Sonniss and hosted on their website:

Alternatively, you can use the direct download link which is available on the official bundle page. The thing with the direct download link is that it opens 100 download slots every four hours, so chances are that you’ll see the “Not Available” announcement when you visit the product page. If you appreciate this free sound collection, you can support Sonniss and help them maintain the hosting costs by making a donation on the product page linked below.

GameAudioGDC Bundle could easily turn out to be THE free sound library of 2015. Many thanks to the kind people at Sonniss (and everyone else involved) for offering this amazing collection of sounds as a free download. You guys rock!


GameAudioGDC Bundle is available for free download via Sonniss (9.56 GB download size, ZIP archive).

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  1. Ok, so I did speak to Timothy McHugh and offered him a Mirror from my Online Drive. He appreciated it and told me I may seed the Bundle Pack. If you did not have the chance to be one of the 100 people inbetween the 4 hour cooldown and download the Sonniss com – GDC – Game Audio Bundle by now, here you go:

    • Charlie Humpal


      Hey Jack Bawer, if there is any chance you could somehow dropbox share me that Bundle Pack I will venmo you some money or whatever you’d like. I am trying to make a small business out of motion graphics while in college and this would help me greatly. Let me know if you see this or can make that happen! Thanks a lot my man. My email is cshumpal [at] gmail [dot] com if you get the chance.


  2. Thanks Sonniss, Generdyn and BPB.

    For correctness – In the ‘See Also’ link to the 99Sounds Cinematic Pack- his name is Joshua Crispin (not Casper) – aka Generdyn.

    I previously made a quick intro using the Generdyn pack (if anyone wants to see it in action):

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