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Finland based EDM producer Tekvision has released Tekvision Samplepack 2, a free collection of drum samples, sound effects and musical hits for EDM production.

Tekvision has published this royalty free sample pack as a free download for everyone, in celebration of reaching 600 followers on SoundCloud. The samples were handmade by Tekvision for use in his own tracks and he is now releasing them to the public as royalty free sounds. According to the license which is included in the download pack, the samples can be used in any way you want, except for reselling and redistribution.

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The pack contains 49 individual samples, all of which are provided in 24-bit WAV format (44.1 kHZ stereo). All of the samples are located in the same folder, however the file names are descriptive and it’s really easy to find what you’re looking for (I normally just SHIFT+DEL those sample packs which include a bunch of files labeled sample 01, sample 02, etc.).

The included samples are really, really good – especially the drum hits. Tekvision has included 10 kick samples and 10 snare hits and all of them are absolutely top notch. These are modern drum hits which were tailor-made for use in modern EDM tracks, covering genres like house, techno, electro, etc. If you’re a beginner EDM producer who’s looking for some well designed drum samples, you should download this free sample pack right away. Pretty much all of the included drum samples are keepers. It’s worth noting that Tekvision has also included a selection of “click” sounds which are supposed to be layered on top of a kick drum in order to get different variations of the same kick.

Apart from the drum hits and clicks, the sample pack also includes some nice chord hits and a small but useful collection of sound effects. Some of the included atmospheres are really nice, although I have to say that I usually prefer building my own atmospheres and background textures from scratch.

To grab your free copy of Tekvision Samplepack 2, visit the SoundCloud page linked below and click the “Free Download” button. The track description also includes the link to Tekvision’s old free sample pack which contains an additional set of royalty free EDM drum hits and sound effects.

Audio Demo

Check out the Tekvision Samplepack 2 audio demo:


Tekvision Samplepack 2 is available for free download via SoundCloud (46.5 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 49 audio samples in 32-bit WAV format).

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