FREE Variable-Tube Compressor VST/AU Plugin By Klanghelm


Klanghelm has announced the release of MJUC jr., a freeware colorful variable-tube compressor for Windows and Mac OS based on the commercial (but still quite affordable) MJUC plugin.

Coming from the developer who also made the brilliant DC1A (my current go-to freeware compressor effect), my expectations for MJUC jr. are quite high. Similar to the DC1A, the new freeware compressor by Klanghelm comes with a very streamlined user interface with just a few controls. However, it also sports a highly detailed variable-mu compressor circuit emulation which is (at least on paper) capable of both smooth leveling and extreme pumping compression with added saturation on top.

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The plugin is based on a mix of two different compression algorithms (mkI and mkII) from the full version of MJUC, combining the characteristics of various early variable-mu compressor designs. The user interface features a large gain reduction meter, only two knobs for adjusting the amount of compression and output gain, a timing switch with three timing options (fast, slow and auto) and an on/off switch. It is clear that the interface is optimized for a quick and easy workflow, which can be quite helpful in projects with a large number of tracks (the interface is also fully resizable, which is always a nice bonus). If you like the sound of MJUC jr. but would like to have more control over the sound, take a look at the full version of MJUC (priced at €24) which comes with a more detailed user interface and additional variable-mu compressor models.

MJUC jr. will work on all major platforms and is available for free download from the developer’s website. The download pack contains an installer, which is understandable for a product with so many different plugin formats.


MJUC jr. is available for free download via Klanghelm (4.4 MB download size, ZIP archive containing an EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU/RTAS/AAX plugin format for Windows & Mac OS).

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  1. Looking forward to giving this a whirl.
    I was playing around with IVGI on my bass recently and I rather enjoy that one.