Damn That Hurt Drum Kit Vol. 2 Review (WINNERS ANNOUNCED)


On a Friday night in January this year, I was looking around for a challenge. After searching through the latest remix competitions, I came across something called Unfinished Friday, organized by DJ Pain 1. I have been following DJ Pain 1 on Twitter and Facebook for a couple of years now.

I’ve been a fan of his “Promoting Your Music Online For Free” YouTube video series and I’ve tried out a few of his previous sample kits (Hip Hop Elements 4 and Chellman Vinyl Kit). Being an open, community based, self-challenge with the chance to get free feedback from DJ Pain 1 and other producers who participated, Unfinished Friday definitely seemed like the kind of challenge I was looking for.

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Unfinished Friday works as follows: On Friday afternoon, DJ Pain 1 will post a sample (usually something he started working on but hasn’t finished) that anyone can use to make a beat with. Once the beat is complete and uploaded to one of the popular online streaming sites (SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.), you can then reply to the original Facebook status update with a link to your beat and DJ Pain 1 (along with others who have submitted beats) will give their feedback.

Since my focus is playing/performing live beats in real time, my aim was to participate in Unfinished Friday by not only using the sample to come up with a beat, but to do it live and capture it on video. You can view my various submissions in the YouTube playlist embedded above.

The Review

Based on my continued participation in Unfinished Friday, DJ Pain 1 asked me if I was willing to do a video for his upcoming Damn That Hurt Drum Kit Volume 2. Of course I was all over the chance to make such a video. The process of making the video allowed me to really get an idea of what this latest drum kit is all about, so when DJ Pain 1 asked me if I would be willing to review the kit I saw it as a no-brainer.

First, let me make it clear that this is not just a drum kit. Before I got my hands on the kit, I thought up three major goals in making the video:

  1. To show off the kit purely from a drums perspective.
  2. To build a multi-song set with the various non-drum samples from the kit.
  3. To accomplish #1 and #2 strictly from samples that came from the kit.

Something like this would be impossible if all I had to work with was the typical drum kit. Let’s just say this was not only possible but Damn That Hurt Drum Kit Volume 2 made my achieving my goals quite easy. The “Kit” comes with 25+ kicks, 75+ snares/claps, 15+ sets of open/closed hi-hats, 20+ toms and enough cymbals, rim shots and percussion elements to meet any producer’s need for the foreseeable future. However, this “drum kit” separates itself from your average drum kit or sample pack by also including 20 additional full kits, FX samples, REX, WAV & ACID loops, scratch loops, 35+ additional bonus kits and 25+ bass and subs.

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As someone who has been incorporating a lot of sub bass into most of my recent work, I have to say that the samples included here are simply excellent. Many of the subs increase or decrease (or both) in pitch. They also range from smooth sine wave to very full sounding square waves.

The kicks range from crisp low/mid to booming bottom end. The snares are as good as any I’ve found in other sample kits and all are the type that can cut through just about any wall of sound. The hi-hats have a nice range in both sound as well as length. Finding open and closed pairs was fairly easy and making an open and closed pair from one of the open hi-hat samples was also pretty straight forward. The toms and percussion elements sound good with just about any combination of kick, snare, hi-hats and were very playable in a live setting.

My only complaint was that the kit was initially a little light on crashes and rides – however when I brought this up to DJ Pain 1 he immediately added some great crashes and rides to the kit. For the price of free you really cannot do better than that. The video above was created 100% from DJ Pain 1’s Damn That Hurt Drum Kit Volume 2 sounds.

More info: Damn That Hurt Drum Kit Vol. 2 (product page)

The Giveaway

We are giving away two free copies of the Damn That Hurt Drum Kit Vol. 2 sample pack by DJ Pain 1. To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below. We will pick two lucky winners using a random number draw. The winners will be announced on this page on November 15th.

And the two lucky winners are:

  1. pchimp (a**********@gmail.com)
  2. I.F. (t*******@yandex.ru)

Congrats to the winners (you guys will be contacted by DJ Pain 1 via email) and thank you all for joining in. We have more freebies, giveaways and other goodies coming soon, so stay tuned!

Damn That Hurt Drum Kit Vol. 2 Review


As someone who has been incorporating a lot of sub bass into most of my recent work, I have to say that the samples included here are simply excellent. This “drum kit” separates itself from your average drum kit or sample pack by also including 20 additional full kits, FX samples, REX, WAV & ACID loops, scratch loops, 35+ additional bonus kits and 25+ bass and subs.

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  1. I wasn’t aware that you are into live beats / beat making. Respect! There is a similar event in Berlin – one sample and 2 hours to make a beat from it. It’s called Sample Science – check it out on Facebook as well!

  2. Pack is sounding great, like that there are scratches inside, would be happy to have it in my collection. Nice review and videos!

  3. Dj Pain 1 is in my opinion really underrated, he has produced tracks for some of you favorite names in the game and still doesn’t get mentioned when we talk best producers today….However if you are curious about these sounds just google DJ Pain 1 check out his production credits…those are the sounds you can get with this kit. Respect

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