kiloHearts Releases FREE Snap Heap Multi-FX Plugin


kiloHearts have released Snap Heap, a freeware configurable multi-effect plugin that can be expanded with additional commercially available effect modules called “snapins”.

Snap Heap is basically a freeware single-band version of the premium Multipass multi-band “snapin” host by kiloHearts. Wait… a snapin host? What on earth are snapins?

Well, snapins are a new plugin format developed by kiloHearts, designed for use as modules in their Multipass and Snap Heap hosts. You can download five basic “snapins” completely free of charge, with various additional ones available for purchase in the kiloHearts online store. We already talked about the freely downloadable snapins in the article linked below, so check that out first if you’re not familiar with this new plugin format.

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As for Snap Heap, it is a nifty little modular system for the snapin plugin format, providing a good amount of modulation options. Despite the fact that you can download only five basic FX modules for free, Snap Heap’s four buses (which can run in a serial or parallel configuration), along with the two LFOs, envelopes and MIDI controls, make it possible to create some very interesting custom effects.

For example, the freely downloadable Stereo module can be used to create an auto pan effect simply by using Snap Heap’s low frequency oscillator to modulate the pan parameter. In a similar manner, the Gain module can be used for a tremolo effect. And if you’re more into crazy stuff, you can, for example, use the LFO to modulate the time parameter in the Delay module. Needless to say, the possibilities are almost endless once you purchase all of the additional snapin modules, however that kind of fun does come at a price (you’d currently need to pay $179 in order to get all twelve additional snapins).

OK, so how do you get the free version of this product? It’s pretty simple, actually. Add Snap Heap to your shopping cart on the product page linked below and complete the free checkout procedure. Download and run the installer, choose your preferred plugin format and installation directory and highlight the snapins that you’d like to install along with Snap Heap. That’s it! No need to enter any serials or activate any licenses. Everything will be installed in your VST or AU plugin directory and ready to run in your digital audio workstation of choice. Additional snapins can be purchased and installed at any point in the future. Most importantly, Snap Heap functions perfectly fine even if you’re only using the free modules – there are no nag screens or other similar annoying reminders that you’re using the free version of a commercial product.


Snap Heap is available for free download via kiloHearts (1.52 MB download size, EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & Mac OS).

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  1. I know it is staded in the linked article, but I want to say it anyway: those free snapins can be used as VSTs and they are awesome. They are easy and light on CPU, and became my go to everyday tools. Limiter sits on my master by default!

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