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Throw open the large oak double doors and step inside the dusky library. Leather bound books line the walls and you trace your fingers across their coriaceous spines. Smooth silk curtains block out the setting sun and slivers of sunlight illuminate the floating dust. Candles burn endlessly and melted wax drips down like mellow velvet, creeping towards the base.

You put on your smoking jacket, pour some cognac and approach the pedestal in the center of the room. A golden MPC sparkles amidst the haze. It is loaded with raw marble, oak barrels, rough denim, and wet clay. You press play and listen to the buttery beats play out as if controlled by a lazy conductor or a dragging metronome. This is your sanctuary. This is the Raw Cutz Super Pack from Loopmasters.

It is no exaggeration that Raw Cutz Super Pack by Loopmasters is an incredible collection of beats and samples that will provide a serious upgrade to any producer’s sonic arsenal. The bundle’s sound character is similar to that of raw sampled vinyl from 70s movie soundtracks, with groovy vibes and dusty swagger pouring out of every loop and sample. You’ll find hundreds of one-shots and tiny loops that sound straight from the soundtrack of Shaft: orchestral hits, funky guitar, jazz flutes, groovy synth strings, R&B electric piano, and stunning saxophone riffs. Then you have the beats. So much groove and swing and delicate nuances that provide hundreds of possible beats to build your track; great variations both with and without kick drums.

The real beauty is in the minimal amount of processing on each sample, giving you complete flexibility to polish them however you’d like. With this pack you can immediately make hip hop (old school and modern styles), breakbeat, glitch hop, trip hop, and drum & bass. Of course, A skilled producer could take these loops and samples and incorporate them into anything from pop to house and everywhere in between. While the price may be steeper than what you normally spend for a sample library, the Super Pack is a smart investment for the serious producer. If you want to produce music professionally and draw on the rich tradition of sampling, if you have ever desired to write a track even loosely tinged with an “urban” vibe, if you are inspired by any modern producer from Odesza to Diplo, you owe it to yourself to check out Raw Cutz Super Pack by Loopmasters.

Drum Loops

The drum loops range from 81-99 BPM and mostly consist of kick drum, snare, and hi-hats with kick-free variations. The overall vibe is vintage and raw while still sounding pristine (no pops or clicks or drastic changes in volume). The grooves, which is what we all came here for, are exquisitely made, with perfect amounts of swing and shuffle. As I already stated, the beauty is that these samples have not been overly processed, and while this may be a drawback for novice producers used to polished samples ready to go out-of-the-box, it allows endless freedom to polish them yourself and push them in whatever direction you may desire. The variety on offer is near overwhelming, with sounds ranging from vintage drum machines to fat acoustic drum kits, from crunchy loops to squeaky clean samples. These loops are like a hot fondue meal; melted sharp cheddar, gooey gruyere, and small chunks of artisan bread. Each loop is like a tiny bite, soft, warm, full of flavor and texture, and savored until the end.

Drum Hits

If loops are not your thing, although you’d be hard pressed not to use the ones included in this bundle, you also get some 700+ kick samples, 400+ snare samples, and 300+ hi-hat samples. Each included drum hit shares the very character and soul that makes up the essence of this incredible super pack. With these samples alone, you will have more than enough sampled material to keep making beats every day until you press your last play and draw your last breath. These sounds will never go out of style and will never become useless. Partially because their raw sound allows them to be shaped in infinite ways, and partially because they represent the foundation of music as we know it today. Some things simply never change, and I shudder to think of a day when a kick, a snare, and a hat can no longer underpin a groove. Before I stray too far into existential groove philosophy, I’ll just say that having access to these 1400+ drum samples will keep your sampling appetites satisfied in the years to come.

Music Samples

This is where the magic flows through the beauty that is Raw Cutz Super Pack. Gorgeous hits, stabs, and original riffs that sound if as they were ripped from pure 70s soundtrack vinyl. On my first listen through of the 3,510 samples at hand, I was convinced that I was hearing the actual source material of countless underground and mainstream tracks. Even if I am completely wrong, it only goes to show how incredibly usable these samples are, being that they could elicit the sound of so many commercial tracks in my mind. Even if you don’t care about pre-made drum loops and drum hits, even if you disdain all things resembling even a historical nod to hip hop, you could still buy this pack for the music samples and only spend $0.06 per sample for pure production gold. These music samples are rife with classic funk, disco, R&B, 1970s big budget studio production sound. You get (and I’m sure I’m missing some): bass guitar hits, synth bass, funky guitar, jazz flute and sax, orchestra hits, strings, pads, electric piano, short vocal hits and sound effects. All of various lengths and all with great vintage texture and the same minimal processing I have been praising. These sounds alone make the Raw Cutz Super Pack a superb deal.


At first glance, the price of Raw Cutz Super Pack by Loopmasters may make some of you withdraw. On the other hand, the quantity and sheer quality of these samples more than makes up for that seemingly steep price. With thousands of high quality sounds that are included in this epic Raw Cutz bundle, the through is that you are paying near nothing per sample. This pack is an investment for a serious producer and will become a staple in your production arsenal. You get over 300 amazing drum loops with vintage sheen and swinging vibe (plus 302 REX files), over 1,400 raw drum hits ready to be bent and manipulated in any direction, more than 3,500 gorgeous hits, pads, stabs and other music samples that alone make this super pack worth the asking price.

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The only criticism I can give it is that there is little in the way of organization. The kicks, snares, and hats each get a folder, but beyond that there is minimal description in the names. The drum loops and REX files each get a folder with a brief label indicating whether the loop is rendered with or without the bass drum, along with its BPM. The music samples contain a brief description in the file name, but you get three folders: one with 1,999 samples, one with 1,000 samples, and the third one with 511 samples. On the one hand, this h-u-g-e pack is a collection of 30 previously released individual packs, so perhaps organization was not a priority. On the other hand, maybe it was intentional, forcing you to “dig” through the samples and potentially “stumble” upon something inspiring. If this sounds like a potential limitation to your workflow, then perhaps you could consider spending an afternoon organizing these sounds yourself. In fact, doing just that is the best way to familiarize yourself with the included material and thus make it a part of your creative process in the long run.

In more ways than one, Raw Cutz Super Pack is a wise investment for anyone who wants to, or already does, produce music on a professional level, be it dance tracks, pop tracks, beats for lyricists, music for television, or pioneering the next future sound. Throw on your smoking jacket, pour some cognac, and start cutting some of the hottest tracks ever heard.

More info: Raw Cutz Super Pack (£149.95)

The Giveaway

Our friends at Loopmasters are giving away one free copy of the Hip Hop Complete (£49.95) bundle by Raw Cutz to one lucky BPB reader. Hip Hop Complete contains a smaller portion of the sounds included in the Raw Cutz Super Pack. It’s still quite epic, though, packing over 1.7 GB of sampled material.

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Raw Cutz Super Pack Review


Raw Cutz Super Pack is a wise investment for anyone who wants to, or already does, produce music on a professional level, be it dance tracks, pop tracks, beats for lyricists, music for television, or pioneering the next future sound. Throw on your smoking jacket, pour some cognac, and start cutting some of the hottest tracks ever heard.

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