Krush Is A FREE Bitcrusher VST/AU Plugin By Tritik


Tritik has just released Krush, an awesome freeware multi-effect (bitcrusher, clipper, and multi-mode filter) in VST and AU plugin formats for PC and Mac-based digital audio workstations.

Krush is the first freeware release by Tritik, a company known for its work on the innovative Moodal resonator effect and the equally versatile and great-sounding TkDelay plugin. Their latest software is yet another fantastic addition to any sound designer’s toolbox. However, this one is entirely free to download and use!

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What you get with Krush is a trio of distortion flavors (clipper, bitcrusher, and a downsampler), paired up with a resonant multi-mode filter (high-pass and low-pass modes with a 20 Hz – 20 kHz frequency range), dry/wet signal level sliders for easy parallel processing and a great little modulation section which sets this multi-effect apart from the dozens of free bitcrushers out there.

All of this is packed in a fully resizable user interface (drag the handle in the bottom-left corner to adjust the size of the GUI to your liking) with an intuitive control layout and some handy bonus features such as the modulation amount display on the knobs (the modulated range of a parameter turns yellow). CTRL+drag increases the precision when adjusting a parameter and a double-click resets its value.

You can also freeze any parameter so that loading a new preset doesn’t overwrite its current value.

The amount of distortion, bitcrushing, and downsampling,  can be modulated by an LFO with a choice of four different waveforms (sine wave, triangle, square, and noise). The LFO can run freely (0.01 Hz to 10 kHz) or sync with the host program.

The plugin also features a handy collection of 25 presets that provide quick access to some bread and butter distortion sounds and showcase some of the more advanced stuff that you can do with Krush.

The presets are sorted into three categories (Crushing, FX, and Modulations) and range from simple distortion and lo-fi effects to some really complex patches with tons of modulation (these sound especially nice on longer sounds like pads and atmospheres, dial in just a tiny bit of the wet signal to add some movement on top of the original sound).

It’s hard to say anything bad about Krush, as it is such a valuable and well-made sound design tool.

Some of the possible improvements would be a bit more speed for the LFO in free mode (anywhere up to 20 kHz or so would be great) and an auto-gain option for the resonance knob (as the resonance currently reduces the output volume).

These are just minor things, really, and Krush is definitely one of the coolest little lo-fi multi-effects you can find.

More info: Krush (4.6 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & Mac OS).

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  1. Nice design and functionality! So, the “drive” is essentially a waveshaper / clipper?
    The modulation function looks amazing!

  2. I usually don’t use bitcrusher effects, but I LOVE Moodal and I’m sure this will be excellent too. I’m expecting great things from Tritik in the years to come. Very cool developer :)

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