Sonniss Is Back With 14+ GB Of FREE Sounds!


Epic sound library time! Sonniss is back with GDC Bundle 2016, yet another huge collection of royalty free sounds, delivering a staggering 14.8 GB pack of field recordings and sound effects crafted by over a dozen high profile sound designers.

Sonniss shook the audio world last year with their first GDC Bundle (you can still grab it if you missed the offer – contact Sonniss directly for details), an epic collection of royalty free sounds that were released as a gift for the video game developers community, although everyone was actually able to download it completely free of charge. We’ve never seen a free soundware release like it before, and it was easily the biggest soundware freebie of 2015 (although closely followed by some fantastic stuff released by Ivy Audio and SM Drums).

Well, they’re doing it again this year, but it’s an even bigger download this time around, packed with even more amazing content. Our download contained 14.8 GB of free sounds (although the download page claims that there should be over 16 GB of stuff in there), featuring the work of sound designers like SoundMorph, SoundBits and Game Audio Factory. The library covers a wide variety of different sounds, including synthesized sound effects, field recordings, processed vocals, game SFX, etc. The included sounds are neatly sorted into folders, all clearly labeled and ready to add to your local hard drive.

Amazingly enough, this enormous collection is only a small part of all the sounds that you can purchase via Sonniss. If you appreciate these sounds, definitely check out their website as well. There’s tons of solid audio material over there, with over 400 sound libraries in total. All of them are commercially-usable, royalty free and fairly priced.

Many thanks to Timothy@Sonniss and our friend Torley for sending us a heads-up about this release. Also, a huge thank you goes out to all the sound designers whose work is included in this incredibly generous gift. You people rock.

Free Download

GDC2016 is available for free download via Sonniss (14.8 GB size on disk, 24-bit WAV format).

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