Free Elizabeth’s Metallic Percussion Sample Library By Elizabeth Sunner


Elizabeth Sunner has released Elizabeth’s Metallic Percussion, a free collection of clean and processed percussion samples.

This freely downloadble sound library is Elizabeth’s second release, following the excellent glitch sound collection from a few months ago (linked below). Elizabeth’s Metallic Percussion contains 60 audio samples in total, all derived from a variety of metallic percussion recordings.

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Don’t let the library’s title fool you, though. Apart from the standard one-shot percussive hits, the pack also includes a selection of processed sounds which were transformed into drones and spooky atmospheres. Some of these processed and one-shot samples can be heard in the brilliantly creepy sounding audio demo at the top of this page. The drones are 10 seconds long and, sadly, weren’t designed to loop seamlessly without audible clicks. This can be easily fixed in any modern DAW with a bit of crossfading, though.

The samples are sorted into different folders by type. What’s also interesting is that most of the metallic objects that were used to create the sounds were photographed and these photos are included in the pack as well. It’s always nice to see a free sample pack that goes a step further than the unorganized libraries that we run into more often than not.

All included content is completely royalty free and is provided in 16-bit WAV format. Despite the library being completely royalty free, Avie would still love to hear any music you make with these sounds. Feel free to send her a link to your track if you happen to use Elizabeth’s Metallic Percussion in it.

Elizabeth’s Metallic Percussion is available for free download via ElizabethAS (30.6 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 60 audio samples in 16-bit WAV format).

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  1. Elizabeth Sunner


    thank you so much for the wonderful feature here !
    and about the looping properly, i’ll be sure to do that next time ! i’ve recently learned how to do that

  2. corrosiveabuser


    Superb samples, great fodder for atmospheric stuff, manipulated or not. Also, some of the metallic sheets and drones make great Impulse Responses in Space Designer.

    Many thanks

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