Full Bucket Music Releases Free Korg Sigma KP-30 Emulation


Full Bucket Music has announced the release of Stigma, a freeware VST plugin for Windows which emulates the Korg Sigma KP-30 analog synthesizer.

Korg Sigma KP-30 is an analog synthesizer from the late 1970s, currently sold for around $750 used. Although it isn’t one of Korg’s truly legendary synth models like the MS-20, Mono/Poly, or PolySix, the Sigma is still a sought-after item, partly due to being somewhat of a rarity. Thankfully for us who didn’t have the chance to play with the real Sigma, let alone own it, Full Bucket Music has developed a very decent looking emulation of the synth which is also completely free to download and use.

Stigma is a freeware VST plugin for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) featuring two oscillators with four footages (32′ to 4′), ring modulation, a chorus section, portamento, aftertouch, and a preset-based timbre control system which is identical to the original synthesizer. The interface features two timbre control sections, “Sytnhe” and “Instrument”, each with a number of built-in presets and individual filter and envelope controls. As is the case with all other plugins released by this developer, Stigma was coded in native C++ to ensure a small memory footprint and low CPU consumption.

This isn’t the first Korg synth emulation coming from Full Bucket Music, either. He is the developer behind Mono/Fury, a fantastic freeware emulation of the Korg Mono/Poly analog synthesizer. Another one is Nabla which emulates the Korg Delta string machine. Both are well worth checking out if you’d like to add a bit of vintage synthesizer flavor to your music.

The plugin is available for direct free download from the developer’s website. There’s no need to register a user account or active the installed software. The downloaded ZIP archive contains separate DLL files for 32-bit and 64-bit digital audio workstation which should be moved to your VST plugin folder manually.

Stigma is available for free download via Full Bucket Music (2.87 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST plugin format for Windows).

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  1. The two developers I miss most on the Mac platform are Bootsy (Variety of Sound) and this guy. Always, always good stuff. Thanks for the update!

  2. joel sampson


    I don’t know if it “sounds good” or not, but it IS fun! You can download the original Korg user and service manuals in PDF form, which are useful. The VSTi runs great under Windows-64 and Reaper. I will never own the Korg original, so this is quite nice. Thanks!

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