Sylvain Stoppani Releases Free PROCESSORZ° Multi-FX Unit (NI Reaktor)


Sylbain Stoppani has recently released PROCESSORZ°, a freely downloadable multi-effects toolbox for Native Instruments Reaktor.

I’ve only recently become a Reaktor user but have already been floored by the quality of free user-generated content, one of the latest being the PROCESSORZ° device created by Sylvain Stoppani. Much like Sugar Bytes’ “Effectrix” or Izotope’s “Stutter Edit”, it is a multi-effects processor that can be manipulated in real-time. It has a plethora of effects onboard (25 in total) such as bit-crushing, stutter, phaser, ring mod, band-pass. However, what I’m even more interested in are the other more unique effects such as the resonator, vowel shifting, feedback, and reflection.

Each effect is activated with a single push of a button. When activating these effects, the input signal can change dramatically. While producing, I’m always looking to make my instruments sound unique and custom to the song. Tools like PROCESSORZ° are a quick way to try out a differing combination of effects that are already set up and ready to go.

Each effect, when selected, can be adjusted with two dials that correspond to different parameters depending on the effect. These dials can be modulated by toggling “Push A/B” or by using Reaktor’s LFO, but I have not experimented with this feature yet. Also, I am unsure if automating the bypass parameter of different effects is possible with this Reaktor ensemble at this moment, given that it is marketed as a “real-time” effects plug-in. At least in Logic X, I was unable to automate the on/off setting of any effect when PROCESSORZ° was instantiated as a software instrument or as a MIDI-controlled instrument. Even if it is not currently possible in this build, I will still likely use this free ensemble for quite a bit of tone-shaping.

Please keep in mind that the full version of NI Reaktor is required in order to use PROCESSORZ° without any limitations. It will only work for 15 minutes in the free Reaktor Player. You will also need to sign in to the Reaktor User Library in order to download the ensemble.

PROCESSORZ° is available for free download in the Reaktor User Library (11.3 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains one ensemble in ENS format for NI Reaktor).

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