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VSTBuzz has launched a special deal on the Carbon Electra virtual synthesizer by Pluginboutique, which is currently available for 60% OFF its regular price (only €29.99) and bundled with the Dark Horizon expansion pack (€12 value).

Carbon Electra is a powerful 4-oscillator subtractive synthesizer with an excellent user interface which allows for hands-on parameter editing without digging deep into menu systems and floating panels. Due to the intuitive control layout and user-friendly interface, Carbon Electra is an excellent learning tool for beginner sound designers, in addition to being a solid sound designed tool for more experienced users. Apart from the regular synth components like oscillators, filters and ADSR envelopes, Carbon Electra packs a bunch of modern additions such as the step envelope for animating parameters like filter cutoff and oscillator pitch, as well as a built-in compressor for beefing up sounds.

The instrument comes with a huge sound bank of over 600 factory presets covering a variety of sound types and music styles. If you grab it during this excluzive VSTBuzz deal, you’ll also get the Dark Horizon expansion pack with 64 additional presets crafted by Berlin-based DnB producer Lockjaw. The sound bank is especially suitable for use in techno, DnB, film scoring, and dubstep projects.

Our writer Sami Rabia described Carbon Electra as an instrument which “combines the precision and clarity of modern VA synthesizers with the wild aggressive nature of an analog beast”. Read more in our in-depth Carbon Electra review (it earned a very respectable 93% score).

Please note that this is a time-limited deal which will expire in exactly two weeks from now, so make sure to grab your discounted copy of Carbon Electra on time. On a related note, Pluginboutique is currently offering a 70% discount on the brand new SoundSpot Halcyon saturation and compression tool. Additional discounts available on their Deals page.

More info: Carbon Electra @ VSTBuzz (€72.99 €29.99)

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