Wusik 8000 Modular Synthesizer Is FREE Until July 1st!


Wusik has announced that their Wusik 8000 modular software synthesizer (VST/AU) is available for free download until July 1st. Please note that a Facebook account is required in order to claim your free copy of the product.

Wusik 8000 is a versatile virtual instrument which is available for purchase as part of the Wusik 2017 Package (bundled with Wusik Station V8 and Wusik EVE V3, priced at $59.95 for the pack). It is the big brother of Wusik 4000 which was given away in a similar fashion last year. The instrument is available as a VST/VST3 and AU plugin for 32-bit and 64-bit digital audio workstations on PC and Mac.

The version of Wusik 8000 which is offered as a free download by the Wusik team is virtually identical to the commercial release, except for the fact that it comes with a smaller set of preset sounds. Everything else is fully unlocked, meaning that the users who download Wusik 8000 for free can build the exact same sounds as those who purchase it. All modules and controls are included in the freely downloadable version.

So, if you’d like to grab a free copy of Wusik 8000, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Visit the giveaway post on Facebook.
  2. Like and share the image included in that post.
  3. Like Wusik’s official Facebook page.
  4. Finally, visit this link to request your free copy of Wusik 8000. Be sure to use a valid email address (no typos, either).

As mentioned before, be sure to complete these steps before June 1st as that is the giveaway deadline. There are less than 48 hours left at the time of writing this article, so hurry up before the offer expires!

UPDATE: The deadline is actually July 1st, so there’s more than plenty time left at the moment.

More info: Wusik @ Facebook

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  1. While I understand the marketing aspect, requiring Facebook passthrough is just wrong IMHO.

  2. Boot Hamilton


    I just downloaded the ‘8000. Thanks for the tip.

    HOWEVER… two items I’d like to mention (have ‘messaged’ same to Wusik on their FB page).

    1. The QUickStart Guide reads ‘Wusik 4000’. (no big functional deal, I’m guessing).

    2. A BIGGER deal… the ‘DATA Folder’ contains NO SKINS. And when you try and stratup ‘8000, it tells you so.