Free Software Roundup + DEALS (June 2017)


With so many freeware VST plugin releases and updates lately, it’s not possible for us to feature them all in separate in-depth articles. In this free software roundup for June 2017, you’ll find the latest freeware VST plugins, video editing applications, VST plugin updates, and software deals which haven’t been mentioned in our software news section yet.

Software Deals

Free Software Releases (Desktop)

  • FXHome is following up on the release of HitFilm Express 2017 with the excellent Ignite Express 2017 visual effects suite for video editing and color grading.
  • Blackmagic Design has released DaVinci Resolve 14, a free video editing application (scroll all the way down the product page for the download link).
  • Korg has released Gadget LE, a free version of the Gadget music production studio for Mac.
  • Rob Papen has launched RP-Spec, a freeware spectrum analyzer rack extension for Reason.
  • Electric Telepathy has released a browser-based virtual synthesizer called Fluoresynth. The instrument is rather limited, but it’s fun to use for short jams with a computer keyboard.
  • KBplugs has introduced Dark Steps, a freeware emulation of the Doepfer Dark Energy synthesizer. Kevin Brown’s virtual instruments are focused on emulating the original instrument’s design and functionality rather than its sound, which is also the case with Dark Steps.
  • SynthIV has released GSS-370, a freeware FM synthesizer inspired by Yamaha’s PSS-370 hardware synth.
  • Autodafe has launched Casio VL-1, a lovely free sample-based Casiotone virtual instrument for PC and Mac.
  • Airwindows has introduced BussColors 4, a high-end console emulation VST/AU plugin.
  • Nebula has unveiled Live Performer, a freeware AU plugin host application for Mac OS. The app packs some rather neat features like MIDI monitoring, chord detection, and four effect inserts for processing the loaded virtual instrument.
  • Transonic has released another interesting plugin host called Auditor. Unlike Live Perfromer which is intended for live use, Auditor is designed as a comparison utility with four testing slots.
  • shaduzLABS has released Throb, a clock/reset generator in VST, VST3, and AU plugin formats.
  • EXE Consulting has announced the release of roomconvprot, a freeware rotational room modelling program in VST/VST3 plugin formats for Windows.
  • Kawa has released kawaChord2 Free, a freeware triad chord generator for Windows.
  • Analog Obsession has introduced Fetish, a free character compressor effect in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats.
  • RDGAudio has released Virtual Sub Woofer, a real-time woofer vibration simulator. Definitely the weirdest VST plugin of the year so far.

Free Software Releases (Mobile)

  • Buzzazi Gamebox has introduced BeatWacker, a simple beat making app for Android devices.
  • Audio Damage is now offering an iOS version of their excellent Rough Rider compressor.
  • Ampify has announced the release of Groovebox, a free music production studio app for iOS.

Free Software Updates

  • Klanghelm has updated their excellent freeware saturation and distortion plugin called IVGI to v2.0, introducing a reworked VU meter and a new “relaxed” processing mode.
  • KX77FREE has released 64-bit beta versions of their freeware instruments, introducing compatibility with 64-bit digital audio workstations on Windows.
  • Tek’it Audio has updated the 8kut frequency cutter effect to v2.2.0, introducing a range of minor improvements.
  • Bob Perry has updated the Bob Perry Gate noise gate plugin to v1.3.1, fixing a bug which caused errors on startup.

For more free software, check out our software news section and our VST plugins directory. Thanks for reading BPB!

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