Free U-He Podolski & TAL U-NO-LX Patches By The Unfinished


The Unfinished has announced the release of Podolski Jaune, a free sound bank for the Podolski virtual synthesizer by U-He. Also available is a set of 25 free patches from the brand new Uno LX Vulcan sound bank for TAL U-NO-LX.

Podolski Jaune is the second release in the Retro Synth Summer sound bank series by The Unfinished. It contains 30 free patches for the Podolski virtual synthesizer, covering a range of classic synth sounds with a subtle retro vibe. Podolski is somewhat of an underdog among freeware synthesizers, being mentioned far less often than big names like Synth1, Tyrell N6, and the likes. Nevertheless, it can sound absolutely amazing when programmed properly and this free sound bank The Unfinished unleashes the synth’s full potential. Podolski was also recently updated with a brand new user interface and several performance improvements.

Uno LX Vulcan (£19.99 +VAT) is a premium sound bank for the TAL U-NO-LX synthesizer, a faithful recreation of the legendary Roland JUNO-60. The sound bank contains 150 patches with a focus on authentic Juno-style pads, bass sounds, and sequences that take full advantage of the synth’s excellent sounding chorus. Inspired by the works of Vangelis, John Carpenter, Human League, and modern artists like Timecop1983 and Cliff Martinez, the Uno LX Vulcan is a terrific source of analog sounds for your next Synthwave track or 80s inspired soundtrack. The product page linked below also contains a link to the demo version of the library which includes 25 free patches from the full release.

For even more freebie presets by The Unfinished, check out the recently released KUU QUU sound bank for Tyrell N6. It was listed as one of the top picks in our free soundware roundup for June 2017. There are plenty more freebies available for download on The Unfinished’s website. All free files are available for direct download, no registration required.

More info: Podolski Jaune (free)
More info: Uno LX Vulcan (£19.99 +VAT, 25 presets available for free download)

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