Offers Free Halloween Samples & Ableton Live Session

0 has released The Synth Sounds of Halloween and The Synth Sounds of Horror, two collections of audio samples and Ableton Live sessions inspired by the classic sounds of horror movies.

The Synth Sounds of Halloween is an Ableton Live 9 session which recreates the iconic Halloween movie theme composed by John Carpenter. The provided project file can be used as a behind the scenes look at the techniques used for creating the sounds in the Halloween theme, as well as for learning about soundtrack scoring and arrangement. Of course, the provided session file can also be used as a starting point for new projects and remixes.

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The Synth Sounds of Horror is available both as a sample pack and an Ableton Live 9 session. Unlike the previously mentioned Synth Sounds of Halloween, this pack covers a range of horror soundtracks and focuses on recreating some of the classic sounds of the genre. The Synth Sounds of Horror is an 86.9 MB download containing 53 individual samples in 24-bit WAV format. It covers a variety of background noises and sound effects, from chainsaw samples to evil laughter and thunder sounds.

Both products are normally priced at $1.99 but you can reduce the price to $0 by applying the coupon code HALLOWEENSAMPLES at checkout. The free download offer is valid until January 1st, 2018. You’ll need to sign up for a free user account at checkout (valid email address required).

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