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AudioPluginDeals has launched a no-brainer 80% OFF deal on the frei:raum intelligent equalizer VST/AU/AAX plugin developed by Sonible.

frei:raum is a groundbreaking mixing tool which pushes the boundaries of what was previously possible to achieve with an equalizer. The plugin takes advantage of Sonible’s unique smart:engine algorithm to analyze the audio signal at hand and create a fully customized EQ curve which can be used to remove any annoying resonant frequencies or notches. Suitable for use on individual tracks and the master channel, frei:raum can also solve issues caused by bad microphone positioning or separate harmonic and inharmonic components of an audio recording at any frequency range.

Despite its unique feature set, frei:raum sports a familiar-looking user interface which isn’t too diferent from that of a regular equalizer. The smart features are activated by the user only when required, so the plugin can also be used as a standard linear-phase EQ. The workflow is fast and intuitive and the provided user manual does a good job of explaining the plugin’s more advanced features.

We recently reviewed smart:EQ which is essentially the smart EQ component of frei:raum. The full product which is currently on sale for just $59 at AudioPluginDeals ($300 regular price) contains all three modules mentioned above. The offer ends on November 15th. You can download a 30-day free trial in the meanwhile in case you’d like to test frei:raum in your digital audio workstation of choice before purchasing the full version.

More info: Sonible frei:raum @ AudioPluginDeals (80% OFF until November 15th)

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