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Pluginboutique has launched an exclusive no-brainer deal on the Hybrid 3 ($149 value) virtual instrument by AIR Music Technology. This powerful virtual analog synthesizer for PC and Mac is priced at just $1 in Pluginboutique’s online shop until February 10th, 2018.

Hybrid 3 is based on a combination of tradtional subtractive synthesis and advanced modulation capabilities which are only possible in the digital domain. In addition to being a highly tweakable workhorse instrument for the more experienced users among us, Hybrid 3 comes packed with a collection of 1,200 high-quality presets designed by professional sound designers. This makes it a valuable package for professional music producers and amateur musicans alike.

And as if that’s not enough sonic firepower to begin with, Pluginboutique has dropped the price tag for all Hybrid 3 expansions to just $1 as well. You can purchase eight commercial expansion packs (Mark Knight Expansion, Rene Amesz Expansion, Marco Lys Expansion, Tocadisco Expansion, D. Ramirez Expansion, Analog Trap Expansion, Dark Parallax by Snipe Young Expansion, and The Vault Expansion) and download three additional free ones from this page.

Our writer Bryan Lake reviewed AIR Music Technology Hybrid 3 in February last year, describing it as a powerful and user friendly virtual synthesizer which “dips its toes into various synthesis types and techniques without burying users under an avalanche of features”. Hybrid 3 scored a respectable 8.6 in our review and was praised for its sound quality and excellent interface design.

For the price of just $1 in this time-limited offer, you could hardly go wrong with purchasing a copy of Hybrid 3. Even if you’re happy with your current synth arsenal, chances are you might regret missing this crazy deal at some point in the future. And if you’re still looking for that perfect synthesizer to add to your DAW, there’s simply no reason not to give AIR Hybrid 3 a chance.

More info: AIR Music Technology Hybrid 3 (priced at $1 until February 10th, 2018)

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  1. There is also a nice bundle on Plugin Boutique, which includes the AIR Hybrid 3 with Propane, Overtone, MSW1, Percolate and KickBox from Soundspot as an extra. Only for 6.94€ (€392.93 value) so I might be grabbing that instead.

  2. It’s average not a must have, too many presets of the same for limited genres of music, I like Xpand2 better though it’s a rompler but it has variety for more genres, thanks.

  3. Both this and Xpand sound slightly anemic imo. Not bad for $1, but at $149, no. Rather spend your money on Synthmaster which can be had for less and sounds far better.

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