Get 90% OFF The 100 GB Orchestral Bundle By Aria Sounds!


VSTBuzz is running an exclusive 90% OFF deal on The Orchestral Bundle (€99 on sale, €952 value) by Aria Sounds which contains 100 GB of sampled material from eleven different products.

The Orchestral Bundle features the entire Aria Sounds product range, including eleven deeply sampled orchestral and ethnic instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt. From strings and orchestral percussion to some of the best sounding pianos around, these are highly detailed sound libraries which cover all the bases of orchestral music composition, and then some. Each instrument was sampled with multiple dynamic levels, numerous velocity layers and round robin variations, as well as a range of different articulations.

Here’s the full list of included products:

  • London Symphonic Strings (€280 value)
  • LSS Solo Strings (€272 value)
  • Surdos & Snares (€40 value)
  • Colossal Toms (€40 value)
  • Catalyst Cinematic Percussion (€54 value)
  • Bansuri Flute (€40 value)
  • Xiao Flute (€40 value)
  • Celtic Harp (€40 value)
  • Silk Piano (€45 value)
  • Pipe Organ (€56 value)
  • Hybrichord (€45 value)

Each listed product contains multiple sampled instruments and articulations. For example, the London Symphonic Strings library features 1st Violins, 2nd Violins, Violas, Cellos, and Basses with 16 different articulations (Sustained Legato, Spiccato, Sordino Sustain Legato, Col Legno, String SFX, and more). Needless to say, the samples were recorded in optimal conditions, in 24-bit quality and with four different microphone positions (Close, Main, Rigs, and Room). Also, each recorded section is correctly positioned in the stereo image, according to how the players are sat in an orchestra.

The entire collection would normally cost €952 but can be purchased for just €99 in this time-limited offer on VSTBuzz. The deal will expire on January 2nd, 2018.

More info: The Orchestral Bundle (90% OFF @ VSTBuzz)

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