Pro Series EQ By Positive Grid Is FREE! (Offer Expired)


Positive Grid is giving away the Pro Series EQ ($49 value) collection as a completely free download for a limited time only (expiration date not specified).

Pro Series EQ is a set of three different equalizer plugins: Tube Equalizer, Digital Equalizer, and Passive Equalizer. The plugins are based on Positive Grid’s technique of hardware EQ matching that “truly recreates real-world outboard analog equalizers”. The developers used analog filters to match the frequency response for each plugin.

All three included equalizers have a distinct sound. Digital Equalizer is the most transparent one, suitable for mastering and precise EQ work. Tube Equalizer saturates the processed signal with emulated 12AX7, 12AU7, and 12AT7 preamp tubes. Passive Equalizer simulates the sonic characteristics of analog passive equalizers with optional tube power amplifier emulation for adding even more color.

The product is normally priced at $49 but you can currently download completely free of charge from Positive Grid. Before downloading, you will need to sign up for a free user account. After completing the checkout process, the download links will be added to your user area on Positive Grid’s website. Hurry up and grab your free copy of Pro Series EQ while it’s still available. This free download offer will expire soon, although we still don’t know the exact date! A big THANK YOU goes out to our reader Michael for sending us a note about this freebie offer along with the screenshots posted below.

TIP: The download link is a bit hard to find. Visit the Store page linked below and scroll down a bit. Look for the Pro Series EQ section and click the “Get Free” button.

Pro Series EQ is available for free download via Positive Grid (353 MB download size, ZIP archive containing 3 EXE installers, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU/AAX/RTAS plugin format for Windows & macOS).

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  1. The download page also shows:

    BIAS Amp,
    BIAS FX,
    BIAS Pedal,
    Pro Series Compressor.

    All these downloads have serial like “MD5 codes”

    Are they also free?

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      No, those are just codes used to verify the integrity of a file after download. You’re only getting the Pro Series EQ for free. Perhaps you received those other plugins in an earlier promo?

    • It seems to be a general download page for all their products. That website is terribly confusing.

      I also can’t seem to find a page where my licenses are (i have some from the Focusrite plugin collective), so i’m testing them all out now. It’s like that let you make an account but there is no account page anywhere on the site..weird.

      I couldn’t even find a login on the site so had to follow links from e-mail (it only shows up if you are on the store part of the site i have since found out, product descriptions are not a part of the store it seems, so just keep to the link provided by Tomislav).

      Really appreciate the freebies but man that site is rage inducing.

      Btw you also have to login (via the Upgrade on the plugin) in the plugin to get it out of demo mode.

      • agreed. this site is horrible slow, if it load correctly at the first time. no login or product overview button. if you want change your email, you have to create a new acc. curious for a site that sell something..

      • oh yeah it is terrible. First time I went and still…I get lost trying to find anything. Very confusing , everything is hidden

  2. Hi,

    I know, this Website is a little tricky and therefore i have send Tomislav the Links AND my Screenshots to make it a little easier to finish the Procedure, and… a Gift is a Gift is a Gift ;-)

    In the Email you become after the Procedur see you all the Licenses you have in your Account, so save the Mail or print it out.


    Dear Valued Positive Grid User,

    Below is the list of licenses you have purchased.

    These licenses were registered in your account : youremailadress

    Product name License tier
    Pro Series EQ Standard

    You can simple activate them by following these steps. If you have any questions of comments, feel free to visit our help center or contact us.


    I hope you enjoy the Plugin, i have it since a while (was also free for Memorial Day and i have buyed the Pro series Compressor too).

    Best Regards


  3. Pretty good EQs, especially the tube modeling, but positive grid has the slowest-loading GUIs ever. I wish they had “simple GUI” versions as i don’t really care about graphics.

  4. When are they going to fix their GUI? (I got this one for free a while ago and though they sound good, the GUI works really choppy)

  5. Would these be the same versions, that were available for free download in 2016 also? Or has there been some updates during the last year? Cheers and thanks for the heads-up.

  6. A really nice gift, although I enjoy their compressors more than the EQs. I’ve actually been searching for that type of optical compressor and damn it sounds nice. Very tempted to buy but very empty wallet. Hoping that deal comes back in a month or two.

    The EQs have a graphical glitch on my machine, there are some white pixels on the knobs that don’t move, when I turn the knob.

  7. i have tried to get free eq but could not get tried demo mode if they could be so kind and email me a license for all the trouble

  8. Just a heads up, Positive Grid say their plugins don’t work on ‘Hackintosh’ computers. Having missed that, and downloaded something else previously, I can confirm its true!

  9. I see that “BIAS Pedal Delay” plugin is also FREE for limited time”, most probably it ends on 2nd Jan. Grab it soon.

  10. Hi,
    I went to the Positive Grid website in your post today and it seems the free deal is over unless I’m missing something?
    Also I received your email on the 1st. of Jan? That is a very short deal from Positive Grid

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