1208 Audio Releases Free 1208 GEQ Equalizer VST Plugin


1208 Audio has released 1208 GEQ, a freeware graphic equalizer effect in VST plugin format for 64-bit digital audio workstations on Windows (made with SynthEdit).

1208 GEQ is a simple 11-band graphic equalizer with input and output metering. Apart from the eleven sliders for controlling the gain of each band, the plugin also features input and output volume adjustments, along with a slider for adjusting the Q factor. The developer claims that 1208 GEQ also imparts some amount of “mojo” to the processed signal, although there aren’t any controls to adjust this behavior. I presume there’s some sort of saturation or soft clipping being applied under the hood.

The interface looks nice, with a light color scheme that’s easy on the eyes. The control layout is also rather decent. As for its functionality, 1208 GEQ is a pretty standard graphic equalizer with nothing new or exciting to offer.

With such a barebones feature set, the question is who would want to download 1208 GEQ in the first place. There are plenty of excellent equalizers out there, including freeware gems like TDR Nova and SonEQ. There aren’t too many freeware graphical EQs on the market, though, and 1208 GEQ attempts to fill that void.

The plugin was developed using SynthEdit which would have meant, until recently, that 1208 GEQ would only work in 32-bit host applications on Windows. However, the latest versions of SynthEdit are capable of exporting 64-bit VST plugins and this is the case with 1208 Audio’s freeware offering. There’s still no support for macOS, though.

1208 Audio is offering 1208 GEQ as a direct free download from their website, no registration required. While you’re there, you can also check out the 1208 SEQ parametric equalizer by the same developer. It is a 3-band EQ with the additional high-pass and low-pass filters.

UPDATE: 1208 GEQ is currently in beta and the developer is working on fixing some of the reported bugs.

1208 GEQ is available for free download via 1208 Audio (7.05 MB download size, RAR archive, 64-bit VST plugin for Windows, made with SynthEdit).

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  1. Thanks for adding one of my plugins and yes it is a very simple EQ. I wanted something that was easy to use and sounded good on a variety of sources. In the future I plan to add a slider reset function and oversampling.

  2. Upon quick testing, it appears to force audio to mono (even with the “on” button deactivated) in Ableton Live on Windows.

    I also tried 1208 SEQ, and only the hipass and low band work. The other bands just do nothing.

  3. Tomislav, perhaps you could take this down? There is a stereo to mono issue that needs to be fixed before either EQ is ready for release so I’m taking it back to beta.


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