Exclusive Free ModeAudio “Raw Trap” Samples For BPB Readers!


ModeAudio is giving away a free set of audio loops and one-shot samples from the Raw Trap sound library, along with an exclusive 10% OFF coupon code for all BPB readers.

Raw Trap (£18) is ModeAudio’s latest foray into the world of trap-style sizzling hi-hats and dirty bass sounds, following the popular Trap Kingdom sample pack which we reviewed back in 2015. As expected from a ModeAudio release, Raw Trap offers a variety of royalty-free one-shot samples and audio loops, along with the label’s signature “tail samples” which are essential for a more natural workflow with the included loops. The tail samples contain the reverb tail from the corresponding loop, making it easier to create transitions and sudden stops of drum and instrument loops.

In addition to the audio content, ModeAudio has included a hefty amount of MIDI sequences which can be used to recreate the loop content with different sounds. Of course, this can be done either with the included one-shots or third-party sounds. In other words, you can easily expand on the existing audio loops using Raw Trap sounds or the sounds from your favorite synthesizer/sampler.

Apart from the inclusion of MIDI sequences and trail samples, the thing that makes ModeAudio libraries stand out is the label’s artistic and creative approach to sound design. Much like the rest of ModeAudio’s product range, Raw Trap is full of original sounds that were built from the ground up to sound unique and innovative. Instead of going for generic trap sounds that are heard in so many productions nowadays, Raw Trap imprints ModeAudio’s own signature on the genre and provides a palette of sonic tools that are sure to inspire your music making endeavors. From bass-heavy kick drums to punchy snares and gritty basslines, Raw Traps has a lot to offer in terms of both quality and originality.

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For those interested in the technical details, the pack includes 150 trap loops, 60 trap samples, 56 tail samples, and 120 MIDI files. The audio content is labeled with BPM and key information to ensure easy integration in your projects. The product can be downloaded in Acid WAV, REX2, and Reason ReFill formats.

More info: Raw Trap (£18)

Free Download

As a special gift for BPB readers, ModeAudio is offering a gratis set of royalty-free sounds from the full release. This exclusive freebie pack comes with the following contents:

  • 10 one-shot trap samples
  • 16 trap audio loops
  • 5 tail samples
  • 12 MIDI files

In addition, ModeAudio has created a coupon code for all BPB readers which will give you 10% OFF any purchase in their online store. To apply the discount to your order, simply enter the coupon code BPB10 at checkout.

Free download: ModeAudio Raw Trap BPB Free Pack (30.6 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 31 sounds in 24-bit WAV format, 12 sequences in MIDI format)

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