Free Tuned Bandpass Filters For Ableton Live By Sound Author


Sound Author has released Tuned Bandpass Filters, a free expansion set for Ableton Live featuring twelve FX racks for harmonic filtering.

Tuned Bandpass Filters is is a set of twelve effect racks for harmonic filtering, whereas each rack is dedicated to a single note in the chromatic scale. The racks feature eight knobs, each corresponding to a different octaved harmonic intended for advanced harmonic filtering. The author states that Tuned Bandpass Filters was designed for sound designers who are looking to create harmonic resonances without having to use a vocoder.

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Since the racks don’t include a dry/wet control or a mix knob, it is advised to load them on a send channel to be able to control the intensity of the effect. Each rack is labeled with note information in the title (Tuned Bandpass C, for example) to avoid confusion when loading multiple different racks.

This free expansion was crafted by our writer Bryan Lake who recently reviewed Ableton Live 10. Be sure to check out that article if you still haven’t updated your Ableton license to the latest version of the software, or even if you’re completely new to Ableton Live. The article provides an in-depth look at Ableton’s flagship digital audio workstation and is indeed a great read, much like all Bryan’s articles.

To grab your free copy of Tuned Bandpass Filters, visit the Gumroad page linked below and complete the checkout process. You can optionally enter a price greater than zero if you want to support Sound Author’s future work with a donation.

Tuned Bandpass Filters is available for free download via Gumroad (109 KB download size, ZIP archive, FX rack for Ableton Live).

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