Free LABS Amplified Cello Quartet Released By Spitfire Audio


Spitfire Audio is back with yet another free expansion for the LABS virtual instrument. This time it’s the LABS Amplified Cello Quartet sound library which features the sounds of, you guessed it right, a cello quartet.

Amplified Cello Quartet is the fourth free sound expansion for LABS, following the Soft Piano and Strings and Drums. Now you can add a great sounding string quartet to your sonic arsenal and use it completely free of charge in LABS. For those unfamiliar with LABS, it is a freeware virtual instrument developed by Spitfire Audio as a host for their freely downloadable sound packs. The plugin features a clean and simple user interface with only a couple of controls for adjusting the tone and the reverb amount. Read our Spitfire Audio LABS review in the article linked below.

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The cello quartet featured in the latest LABS expansion pack was recorded in April last year by Christian Henson and Harry Wilson. The recording engineers used various FX pedals to alter the sound of the recorded instruments, resulting in an interesting and somewhat unconventional sounding string quartet. The sound reminds me of Mellotron strings a little bit, with quite a bit of modulation and a sweet, mellow tone.

To use the Amplified Cello Quarter sound pack in your DAW, install the Spitfire Audio App which you can grab on the product page linked below (simply click the Get button to start the download). Note that you should be logged in to your Spitfire Audio user account. Once installed, you can download the LABS application and the Amplified Cello Quartet expansion pack. Be sure to also download the previously released expansions as well and keep an eye on forthcoming LABS freebies from Spitfire Audio.

LABS Amplified Cello Quartet is available for free download via Spitfire Audio (32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & MacOS).

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