Plugin Boutique is giving away the iZotope Ozone 8 Elements mastering suite ($129 value) as a FREE bonus download with any purchase, including the $1 deals.

We’ve seen a couple of crazy offers on Ozone 8 Elements lately (this one from Plugin Boutique and this one from Beat magazine), but what we have here is the most impressive deal so far. Plugin Boutique is basically offering Ozone 8 Elements as a free download for anyone who grabs anything from their online store and also subscribes to their mailing list. In other words, if you purchase any product at Plugin Boutique, even if it’s a $1 deal, you’ll get iZotope’s entry-level mastering suite for free.

So yeah, if you already own Ozone 8 Elements, you might be regretting your purchase at this point. Don’t be too hard on yourself, though. It sure does suck to be at the wrong end of a no-brainer deal, but we’ve all been there. However, if you don’t own this great piece of mastering software yet, now is definitely the time to take action. Here’s what you’ll need to do to grab your free copy:

  1. Subscribe to Plugin Boutique’s mailing list.
  2. Purchase anything in the Plugin Boutique store.
  3. Keep an eye on your inbox. A 100% discount code for Ozone 8 Elements will arrive within 24 hours.
  4. Add Ozone 8 Elements to your shopping cart and enter the provided coupon code at checkout. Voila!

And here are some of our favorite Plugin Boutique deals at the moment, in case you’re not sure what to pick:

Thanks to all our readers who sent us emails about this offer. Your support is very much appreciated. To learn more about iZotope Ozone, check out our full review here. Also, don’t forget to download the free Ozone Imager plugin by iZotope.

More info: iZotope Ozone 8 Elements (free download @ Plugin Boutique)

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Tomislav is a content creator and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. I used my virtual cash earned from previous purchases so I basically got the LittleClipper and Elements without a cent on this purchase. Very nice deal. Unless you’re looking for something with a digital flavour, Vacuum is probably the best buy on that list imo and sounds better than Hybrid for anyone going for those deals…

  2. I tried a few times, bought some plugs a few times – but it did not work for me.
    Iwrote to their customer service – no answer.

    • Due to heavy traffic on their site it obviously took a bit longer to respond to my request than usual.
      The code for Ozone 8 Elements was finally sent. Looking forward to tryout this software. I agree to
      Nick´s post. AIR Music´s Vacuum is a great piece of software for a dime. You just need an iLok account to register.

  3. it works, but after 24 hrs i had to write a short email to support, immidiatly i got a autorepsonse with a discount code in it, after install the license code will be available in your profile, its up and running no problems.

  4. Purchased the Vacuum Pro.

    Spent the last four hours trying to get it installed -resorting to using a laptop and desktop due to problems with Ilok, finally got Ilok to work – had to download it into its own subfolder but not in downloads (otherwise 0x80004005 error weirdness) and it almost worked – so now I have Vacuum Pro installed nicely but it doesn’t appear in my DAW (Reaper).

    Had trouble with Ozone Elements too but managed to get the registry key to be recognised after abotu 10 tries…

  5. I had no problems with the discount code. When I woke up it had already been delivered. However when I tried to activate with iLok (as Izotope suggests on their tutorial) I found out that iLok activation only works with USB-dongle, so no local computer activation was possible. Thankfully there is also a method to activate via online and even offline, so no iLok required after all.

  6. Does anyone knows whether this continues? While it’s a long shot, I’ve never seen an end date for it, and there is still a page for the deal. I asked PA but haven’t received a reply yet.

    • i ordered something for one pound which i paid for with my virtual money i had accumulated, but only received invoice and no coupon code with it. (as far as i could tell) but maybe its too soon to receive it as i ordered it today. – 18 oct 2018. or its finished. not been 24 hours yet though : )

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