Full Bucket Music Releases Free MPS Synthesizer (KVRDC18)


Full Bucket Music has released MPS, a freeware workflow-oriented synthesizer in VST and AU plugin formats for compatible host applications on PC and Mac.

MPS is Full Bucket Music’s entry in KVR Developer Challenge 2018. The instrument’s name is an acronym for “Musical Parameter Synthesizer” and its main feature is the extremely streamlined user interface. With just a few sliders and an XY pad on the left, MPS doesn’t look like an instrument capable of covering a very broad sonic palette. While this is mostly true, I was positively surprised by the plugin’s sound quality and its incredibly efficient workflow.

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The circular XY pad is used to adjust the timbre of the instrument by blending the four available sound sources (Wood, Glass, Metal, and String). The sound becomes brighter when the control point is pushed towards the edge of the XY pad. The horizontal Envelope slider on the right controls the attack and sustain at the same time. The release is controlled separately using one of the four vertical sliders. The other three sliders control the chorus effect (Air), pitch and volume modulation amount (Vivid), and the output gain (Volume).

This simple control layout works tremendously well in practice, allowing the user to transform a preset from a lush analog pad to a punchy bass sound in a matter of seconds. This makes even more sense for users who like automating synth parameters in their DAW, as MPS can do some pretty interesting sounding transformations with just a few lanes of automation.

Another aspect worth pointing out is that MPS sounds very good. The String timbre gives you that vintage string machine sound which becomes even better with a bit of Air and Vivid added to the mix. The other three timbres are great for pads and percussive sounds. Blending different timbres together is a fun way to shape the sound on the output without having to mess with oscillators, waveforms, and other components we’re used to seeing in conventional synthesizers.

You can download MPS completely free of charge from the KVR Developer Challenge page linked below. The voting phase is open throughout September and the winners will be announced in early October. While you’re here, be sure the check out our mini-review of the Deducktion subtractive synthesizer.

MPS is available for free download via KVR Audio (985 KB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & MacOS).

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