416 Free Groove Templates Released By Samples From Mars


Samples From Mars has released Grooves From Mars, a free collection of MIDI groove templates which were captured from 25 classic and modern drum machines.

It is no secret that different models of vintage and modern drum machines have distinct swing, shuffle, and stutter characteristics, adding a specific groove to sequenced beats. The easiest way to apply these unique vibes to your music without purchasing the actual hardware is to use MIDI groove templates in your digital audio workstation. A groove template will effectively apply a pre-determined amount of shuffle and swing to a MIDI sequence.

The team at Samples From Mars has compiled a huge collection of groove templates which capture the unique shuffle characteristics of 25 different hardware drum machines. Some of the sampled instruments are the legendary 808 and 909 drum machines, three different Akai MPC models, and the SP1200 sampler, among others. The amount of included content adds up to 416 individual groove templates which are provided in MIDI (compatible with virtually any DAW) and AGR (compatible with Ableton Live) file formats. Click here to learn more about using groove templates in Ableton Live 10. Most other digital audio workstations should handle groove templates in MIDI format just fine.

Capturing groove templates from hardware drum machines is no small feat. If you’re interested in attempting this yourself, check out the detailed overview of the process in a text document which is included in the download archive. To grab your free copy of Grooves From Mars, simply submit your name and email address on the product page linked below. The download link will be delivered to your inbox within five minutes after signing up.

Grooves From Mars is available for free download via Samples From Mars (1.97 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 416 groove templates in MIDI and AGR file formats).

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