Free TX16Wx Software Sampler 3 VST/AU Plugin Released


CWITEC has released TX16Wx Software Sampler 3, a major update to one of the best freeware cross-platform virtual sampler instruments in VST and AU plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac.

Same as before, two differently priced versions of the software are available. The basic version of TX16Wx Software Sampler 3 is freeware, whereas the more advanced TX16Wx Professional 3 comes with a €99 price tag. If you plan to use the Pro version non-commercially, the price is reduced to €39 (this version of the software is called TX16Wx 3 Pro Non-commercial). The non-commercial license can be granted even to individuals or businesses who are using TX16Wx commercially, given that their gross revenue does not exceed €10,000 per year.

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The latest version of TX16Wx Software Sampler 3 introduces numerous new features. The most notable improvement is the new asynchronous disk streaming engine which enables disk streaming with ultra-low latency. This will effectively optimize the sampler’s performance and reduce the amount of RAM required for smooth sample playback of large libraries. Speaking of performance, the CPU hit has been reduced as well, with improved sample interpolation and parameter processing. Other notable changes include a new program-centric user interface, better transient detection, more intuitive mapping editor, and support for VST3 and AAX plugin formats.

The Pro version TX16Wx 3 comes with its own set of improvements, in addition to those mentioned above. It now features two new playback modes – the pitch shift engine and the time stretch engine. A brand new reverb module is included, along with the improved versions of the previously available effects. The Pro version of the software now also features a MIDI arpeggiator with multiple automated patterns.

TX16Wx Software Sampler 3 remains the best freeware cross-platform sampler on the market. Grace is another excellent freeware sampler instrument, but it only works on Windows. For Linux users, Linux Sampler is still the way to go.

The software can be downloaded completely free of charge from the developer’s website. To enable the Pro version features, install the freeware version and unlock them from the settings menu. This will start the evaluation period for TX16Wx Professional 3. The instrument is compatible with all VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin host applications on PC and Mac

TX16Wx Software Sampler 3 is available for free download via CWITEC (29 MB download size, EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/VST3/AU/AAX plugin format for Windows & macOS).

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  1. With all respect, you forgot to mention that there’s 12 STEREO channels now, in v2 it had 4 stereo and 8 mono channels. Thank God I can use it for full-sized acoustic drum kit like a boss 😎

  2. I can’t imagine a worse UI… TERRIBLE.
    If you need a designer good at developing counter-intuitive applications, these guys are probably a good option.
    I just wasted an 2 hours realizing it’s not even stable in Ableton.

    It has settings (like region) linked between every seemingly separate program/layer, making basic layering very complicated and requiring several steps, where other programs have such features in a single button. Extreme learning curve.

    Your time is worth too much to be wasting on this. Free? It’s Not free, it’s a time waster (time is more than money). you’ll spend hours on what should be minutes.

    Save yourself some time and hassle and spend a little money on anything other than this mess.

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