Waves Audio H-Comp Is FREE This Cyber Monday!


This Cyber Monday only, Waves Audio is giving away the H-Comp hybrid compressor plugin as a completely free download for everyone who signs up on their website.

H-Comp is a hybrid compressor effect available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. The plugin combines the non-linear behavior of transformers, tubes, and transistors into a single dynamics processing tool. Apart from its basic function as a compressor, H-Comp can be used as a saturation effect for tonal shaping and adding color to the processed signal.

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The user interface is centered around a large VU meter with input, output, and gain reduction monitoring capabilities. The compression algorithm is controlled with the threshold, ratio, punch, attack, and release knobs. The plugin also features a brickwall limiter switch and a mix knob, along with the analog character control which lets the user choose between the four available analog saturation types. One of H-Comps unique features is its ability to sync the release time parameter to the host application’s BPM value. This is particularly useful in electronic music where the relationship between the kick drum and the bass is critical for the rest of the mix.

H-Comp is normally priced at $179 and is currently on sale for $35 on Waves Audio’s website. However, you can get it completely free of charge today and through Cyber Monday by signing up on the giveaway page linked below. The download link will be delivered within an hour after signing up. You can get an additional $29 value plugin when purchasing two or more products from Waves Audio.

It’s still not too late to take advantage of some of the amazing Black Friday deals for music producers. And don’t forget that you will receive a free copy of iZotope Neutron Elements with any purchase made at Pluginboutique.

More info: Waves H-Comp (FREE this Cyber Monday!)

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  1. This is pretty decent of Waves and more than makes up for last years “VU meter” giveaway. Not that is anything wrong with Waves VU meter. I guess like many, Ive been using the Klanghelm VUMT now the VUMT deluxe for many years prior.

    Many thanks for the heads up on this one, i definitely would have missed it.

    • I didn’t receive any e-mail about the Black Friday giveaway (Sibilance). After sending feedback to Marketing about the issue, they provided me with a free reg. code a couple days later. So you might want to try that out.

  2. When was this announced last year? I never heard about it from Waves.

    Will there be something for Cyber Monday this time too?

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