Positive Grid X Drummer (iOS) Is FREE Until December 17th!


Positive Grid is offering the X Drummer ($19.99 value) app for iOS devices as a completely free download in the App Store until December 17th, 2018.

X Drummer is a virtual drummer app for guitarists. It packs a number of acoustic drum loops and song templates in different styles ranging from rock and heavy metal to blues and funk. The app can automatically suggest the right drumming template and tempo based on your playing. Users who want more control over the generated drum track can dig in and customize the song arrangement and the drum setup to best suit their style.

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The app is very streamlined and easy to use, which is a good thing for guitarists who simply need a quick backing drum track for a jam session. The patterns can be browsed by song section (intro, verse, chorus, fill, etc.) and style. The song editor panel is where the different patterns are combined into a full drum track, with the ability to tweak the dynamics of each pattern. I would like to see more customization features, especially the ability to create custom patterns. In its current state, X Drummer is a great jamming tool, but not a full-fledged virtual instrument.

To get your free copy of X Drummer, simply download it from the App Store before December 17th. Positive Grid has been on quite a roll lately, offering several premium products as freebies. You can still get the BIAS Pedal Modulation plugin for free and the company has announced that more surprises in store this holiday season.

More info: Positive Grid X Drummer (compatible with iOS, free until December 17th)

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  1. I thought this app was totally useless but if it’s free, at least you can try it and see if you’ll like it. I still wish I could get my money back though.

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