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Positive Grid is giving away free copies of BIAS Pedal Modulation ($99 value) to everyone who shares the promo page on Facebook or Twitter. The offer ends on December 17th, 2018.

BIAS Pedal Modulation is a cross-platform VST, AU, and AAX plugin which allows the user to create custom modulation pedals in their digital audio workstation of choice. It is a part of Positive Grid’s popular BIAS Pedal suite which also includes BIAS Pedal Distortion and BIAS Pedal Delay. The custom pedals created in BIAS Pedal Modulation can be imported into BIAS FX pedalboards’ dual signal chain and shared on the ToneCloud social network.

The plugin features a range of modulation effect modules which can be combined into a single custom pedal. The included modules cover chorus, phaser, flanger, tremolo, vibrato, auto-pan, rotary speaker, ring modulation, and auto-swell effects. The software can be used to create unlimited combinations of these effects, but also to tweak the virtual pedal’s internal parameters like the power source voltage or LFO waveform shapes. BIAS Pedal Modulation also features a built-in compressor and two 8-band graphic equalizers which can be placed at various points along the signal chain. The modules can run in free-time mode or in sync with the host application.

The versatility in terms of possible FX combinations is on point, as is the sound quality of the included modules. My only gripe with the plugin is the workflow which feels a bit slow. This could be a result of the fact that the GUI is slightly laggy in Studio One, making the overall effect creation experience a bit cumbersome. As for the presets, the users can save and share their favorite BIAS Pedal Modulation creations via the ToneCloud social network. This is an easy way to access different custom pedals without messing with the editor. If you’re looking for inspiring new guitar tones for your next performance, simply browse through the hundreds of presets already shared by other users.

To claim your free copy of BIAS Pedal Modulation, visit the promo page linked below and share it either on Facebook or on Twitter. As soon as you share the post (make sure to use the share buttons on the page), you will receive a serial number which can be used to register your free copy of the product. Click here to learn how to redeem your code. The serial number must be activated before December 31st, 2018. You will also need to sign up for a free Positive Grid user account.

And if you missed Positive Grid’s Black Friday sale, you can still get 50% OFF their software titles. The offer includes BIAS AMP 2 and BIAS FX plugins, various software bundles, expansion packs, upgrades, mobile apps, and more. The deals will end on December 16th, 2018.

More info: BIAS Pedal Modulation Giveaway (share the giveaway page before December 17th to claim your free copy)

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      It was available in my account as soon as I redeemed the code. You should click your initials in the upper-right corner of Positive Grid’s website (after logging in) and then click the “Download Page” link.

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